Monday, December 29, 2008

A quickie for the road...

Hi Everyone!

My usual fortnightly post. Hope you had a fun christmas day, and hope the hangovers weren't flowing tooo freely!

Firstly. While I can't stand the smell and taste of seafood, it IS an Australian tradition, one that my sister and mother participated in with relish.

seafood lunch

'nuff said. I had an awesome day with my sister and mother, with the margaritas flowing, deep philosophical (for drunk people) topics discussed, it was lots of fun.

Secondly. I made felted soaps. Something I think non-crafty peops and crafty people alike can share in. Using this tutorial, which I think is a standard tutorial among people trying this for the first time.
Felted soaps
What do you reckon? Three of these already have homes - well one went to the sis, one is a birthday present and one is for a swap partner and the last one is for me. Honey soap (presents mum received but didn't want). What I found worked best is a combination of the following.

1. Wear rubber gloves so that you
2. Can have boiling water. The grips on the gloves really add the the felting action and speed the whole process up.
3. Also, handdyeds bleed when boiling hot water flows, so next time, stick to the commercial fibres.

Close-ups! Click for a better view.
felted soapsfelted soaps

felted soapsfelted soaps

Moving is going steadily. The last ten days have been promised to be the killer ones. As is, I'm living on survival rations of clothing, my fibre/yarn stash is in the new home (survival rations of knitting and fibre) and anything that isn't in a box will be by Wednesday. Also, the house is now filled with all thing carbs, because for some reason, the non-carbohydrate thingies seem to get eaten first. I'm definitely dreading the last few days where food will be entirely fast food / non-homecooked. Unless there is someone REALLY lovely out there who fancies bringing over some soup/anything with veges next week?

Have a good new years, take care, don't spend all your $$ at the new years sales!


Saturday, December 13, 2008

I can haz shawl?

Apologies for not posting in over a month. Pure laziness on my part. Between finishing uni for the year (YAY!) to looking for a new job (not yay!) to spinning something that looks remarkably close to 5ply, and I'm calling it my first laceweight (Yay again!), I've just felt to slack to post.

That said, this shawl keeps looking me in the eye, and begging me for a few moments of glory.

Firstly: Blocking
Blocking shawl

This thing took up the whole of the teensy laundry space, so no room for stretching.

26-11-08 003

Cute stitch no?

26-11-08 004


26-11-08 009
26-11-08 013

Action shots!

Ttfn, got to get back to packing boxes. *sigh* the joys of moving!