Monday, December 10, 2007


Two bits of news has resulted in the above title.
Firstly. I finished everything. Now it is in the unmentionable bureacratic people's hands.

Secondly, I have just received emails from the two lovely yarn shops I didn't mention make it your own (who has an ad in yarn mag) who have both sent my various woolly packages my way. So in a couple of days time... I will be sneaking fiber into the house (SO worth it lol)

Pictures when everything arrives. How exciting!!!


Sunday, December 9, 2007

so close I can taste it

Everyone, I'm on the finishing streak...just a couple more hours of spouting words like I know what I'm saying, then sending the blasted thing in. Which is good, because the spinning fairy has been chatting to me, and she has a seductive voice and she smells like sheep.

I've also been spending big, mostly for my swap partner, but then... temptation strikes and I inevitably buy a wee something for myself too... Take Ewe Give Me The Knits. Wonderful store, and within twenty minutes of looking around I placed an order...lots of roving my way (hence the need to spin the stuff I have!).

Beginning to wind up my stuff for the tea cosy swap as well.. it's mainly finishing details now, plus some sewing. Then the postal orders to arrive, and one swap partner will (hopefully) be very very happy.

Can't wait for holidays!!! Starting this friday, some sleeping in, spinning and general abrogation of 'adult' status type authority. Squee!!!!


p.s. No photos this week. My internet connection has it out for me, with the slow download and periodic stopping. For no apparent reason. ARG!

Monday, December 3, 2007

Nearly there...

Hey everyone, another week, another abandoned blog. I'm nearly there, three RPLs (Recognition of Prior Learning) saying the same thing over and over (ARG! How can people write these for a living and NOT injure innocent bystanders?) and Two assignments (one almost done) to go.

And dodgy internet. Another ARG if you will.

But I'm nearly there... and next weekend, I will be FREEE!!!!!!!! Hopefully I will attempt to upload photos throughout this week as well....

Take care, remember vouchers are equally good substitute for gifts, and eat your greens (and take your own advice.. arg)


p.s Thank you for the supportive comments, works a treat to make a gal feel better...