Monday, December 29, 2008

A quickie for the road...

Hi Everyone!

My usual fortnightly post. Hope you had a fun christmas day, and hope the hangovers weren't flowing tooo freely!

Firstly. While I can't stand the smell and taste of seafood, it IS an Australian tradition, one that my sister and mother participated in with relish.

seafood lunch

'nuff said. I had an awesome day with my sister and mother, with the margaritas flowing, deep philosophical (for drunk people) topics discussed, it was lots of fun.

Secondly. I made felted soaps. Something I think non-crafty peops and crafty people alike can share in. Using this tutorial, which I think is a standard tutorial among people trying this for the first time.
Felted soaps
What do you reckon? Three of these already have homes - well one went to the sis, one is a birthday present and one is for a swap partner and the last one is for me. Honey soap (presents mum received but didn't want). What I found worked best is a combination of the following.

1. Wear rubber gloves so that you
2. Can have boiling water. The grips on the gloves really add the the felting action and speed the whole process up.
3. Also, handdyeds bleed when boiling hot water flows, so next time, stick to the commercial fibres.

Close-ups! Click for a better view.
felted soapsfelted soaps

felted soapsfelted soaps

Moving is going steadily. The last ten days have been promised to be the killer ones. As is, I'm living on survival rations of clothing, my fibre/yarn stash is in the new home (survival rations of knitting and fibre) and anything that isn't in a box will be by Wednesday. Also, the house is now filled with all thing carbs, because for some reason, the non-carbohydrate thingies seem to get eaten first. I'm definitely dreading the last few days where food will be entirely fast food / non-homecooked. Unless there is someone REALLY lovely out there who fancies bringing over some soup/anything with veges next week?

Have a good new years, take care, don't spend all your $$ at the new years sales!


Saturday, December 13, 2008

I can haz shawl?

Apologies for not posting in over a month. Pure laziness on my part. Between finishing uni for the year (YAY!) to looking for a new job (not yay!) to spinning something that looks remarkably close to 5ply, and I'm calling it my first laceweight (Yay again!), I've just felt to slack to post.

That said, this shawl keeps looking me in the eye, and begging me for a few moments of glory.

Firstly: Blocking
Blocking shawl

This thing took up the whole of the teensy laundry space, so no room for stretching.

26-11-08 003

Cute stitch no?

26-11-08 004


26-11-08 009
26-11-08 013

Action shots!

Ttfn, got to get back to packing boxes. *sigh* the joys of moving!


Sunday, November 9, 2008

Hardy and co.

Hey everyone! Hope you are well!

I'm trying to make an effort to post more often (doing this between cleaning atm). Thought I'd drop a line.

I received my package from the lovely srthnx for the No Sheep for you swap in Ravelry. Among the lovely things I received, I got a Quant head band (can't be bothered linking, look in knitty). 26-10-08 010 Check this bag, all done up with snaps! 26-10-08 007

And stitch markers and chocolate. My partner is a lovely reminder of why I love to do swaps, I would never have picked to use sari yarn for me or anyone (yet I have three skeins in the stash... hmm) but my headband has already gotten loads of compliment and I'm hanging out for a chance to show off the clutch...the chocolates also went down a treat after a long day. What's not to love?

Also sending (and hopefully receiving) a tacky ornament in the tacky ornament swap in the Lazy, Stupid and Godless board in Ravelry. Will show as soon as I finish/receive something.

Meet my brand new pal, Hardy. I needed a (tax deductible WOO!) hard drive, mainly so I could move my pictures and start backing up my uni things. This 640 gig monster the biggest USB I've EVER had lol.



Tuesday, November 4, 2008

This post brought to you by...


This is jelly I made from scratch (well, I didn't make my own gelatin, but aside from that...) from a 1950s recipe ages ago. Adding berries made it eating an experience that could only be described as ethereal.

I'm posting a picture of jelly for the following reasons:
1 - I have been making swap things and dodgy spinning, ergo - nothing to report
2 - Don't you just love my messy desktop?
3 - between uni and applying for jobs, I have honestly been too flat out to give a toss about much else.


Employers: Please employ me and pay me lots of money. I am friendly and nice and I'm over job hunting. Really.

Sunday, October 26, 2008


Chez librarylass has been so flat out that I've not updated dear bloggy dear in nearly a month! Quell horreur!

Stupid assignments keeping me running *grumble grumble grumble*

look at pretty pictures of jelly and handspun!

pure silk

mmm silk!

merino silk mmm merino silk!

handspun fleece baaaaaaaaaaaaaaa


Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Brain dead

Hey everyone! I am safely back home and had a huge post with loads of pics mentally lined up. Then, yesterday I got a raging case of the flu. So, until I feel human again, here is a quick run through.

Perth is awesome, the shops close at 5pm on the dot (bleuch) but the free public transport system is great.
I saw (in no particular order):
- Lots of Perth river, some incredible ye olde architecture and the ever awesome London style alley right in the middle of the CBD,
- Museum, which I find overwhelmingly brilliant because there is a old style museum room complete with more taxidermied things than you shake the proverbial stick out. Also more old-style architecture with dinosaurs (witty captions/pics to come) and I also was there when a primary school group went through. Their squeals of delight (and for some, terror) when they saw the dinosaurs made things more fun.
- Kings Park, which is a beautiful spot, again, right near the CBD. A market was on, and to discover a plant with my last name on it was pretty cool.
- City Farm, an organic co-operative right beside a rail line was pretty fun. Also the odd person who talked to me on the free buses, where I learnt their opinions and pointed out local attractions was fun as fun can be.

Okay that's it for now, I'm going to bury my head in ice and hope this bastard flu goes away.


Sunday, September 21, 2008


Hi everyone!

Good news, since my last post (almost a month ago! GAH!) I have completed two assignments, which, by the end probably did a less than spectacular job on, but stuffit, over it!. I have also completed a few minor, rather secret projects, which, given how long it takes me to complete ANYTHING is a miracle in itself.

Also I've been on a sock yarn buying binge, which is really weird for someone who doesn't knit socks. However I'm convinced that the firestarter socks (Rav link) will be the ones that break me in. My theory being that I've started top down socks before and gotten bored/sick of teensy needles, toe up will stand a better chance because I can try on as I go, and also I happen to have aforementioned metric tonne of sock stash to choose from.

Onto some pretty pictures. Here is something I CAN show you.
Meet my teacosy. At present I am still tossing up names for this baby, either 'dready-ful tea cosy'. 'rainbow barf' or for the psychedelia that just won't quit 'duuuuuuude'. I'd also offer a prize for best name, but I ain't parting with my stash for nobody *eyes everyone suspiciously*
01-06-08 043

Look what mum found when she was doing a major bout of spring cleaning!

01-06-08 045

This is a tile I made in grade eight, On it is our previous cat, Coco (aka the most patient puss on the planet!,) music note, skirt and email. Nice to know that even in grade eight I was an email addict.

And finally, I'm off at sparrow fart to go to Perth tomorrow! I can't wait to spend a week on the other side of the continent, where I plan to meet the infamous Inoriz and her little girl, and check out the sights and sounds of the area. I simply cannot wait!

So, till at least next week, I bid thee adieu!

p.s. I'm planning to fly QANTAS on the way home, can you please send me non-burning food/safe travel vibes? I'd be ever so grateful! Might even be choccys in it for you ;)

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

The award for twit of the day goes to.....

Me. Because I thought my camera was broken and that the flash had died, so I drove 40mins (1 hour round trip) to find out that someone (not me) had accidentally turned off the flash setting. As in, the lady at the repair place took wee camera to the fixing-up blokes, who turned it on and solved the problem in <2 seconds.

Ouchy embarrassed me. On the plus side though, there is $55 I don't have to pay!


Sunday, August 31, 2008

I may or may not be procrastinating...

Okay I am actually procrastinating. Sadly, I have this horrible habit when I get stressed to dig my heels in and stick my head in the sand. You may discern that this isn't terribly conducive to getting said stressy things out of the road. I'm fighting it, but may or may not needs lots of caffeinated tea to survive the process.

Tea brings me to my next point, which is tea cosies, of which I have a need for, so today whilst I was pretending-not-to-procrastinate-while-I-actually-was I picked out a book I bought a while ago, Wild Tea Cosies Which is written by a Qld'er, and uses commercial and handspun stuff. Love! A bit of research (read: Stalking) and I've found her blog with various physics defying cosies and her flickr stream, which is also a nice slice of awesome. P.S. Loani, if you happen to be reading this stalkerish post, HI!!!!!. So now that

Fortunately I will be starting a crochet cosy soon, for devine providence has provided me with: nearly finishing a super secret project, much thanks to having to be a passenger to some looong car trips yesterday, and the magic combination of stashy handspun, the wild tea cosy book and a craving for teh crochet. I've also been frogging some wips lately, so yay! Cleaner conscience for me!

If you are wondering why I sound even more batty than usual, its because I've had faaar too much strong tea, which does have a tendency to make me a little nuts when confined to small spaces.

Finally, Big news. I am moving to Brisvegas next year. Mum got a much-wanted work transfer there, and unless I want to pay exhorbitant rent on what constitutes my wage, I'll need to move too. Which means major work on spiffing up my qualifications, and applying for jobs and doing two uni subjects whilst working full time. Not entirely sure I'll come out of this gig with my sanity intact, especially while I have the mum is nagging me over stuff, and while she's stressed she's no fun to live with, and while I'm stressed, I'm even less fun to live with. Prepare your bomb shelters people, this could get ugly.

adios for now!

Monday, August 25, 2008

Old and new

Hey All!

Just a couple of pics from the weekend.


Back story: this is the first hat I ever knitted when I first started knitting (my first knitting book: hip knits by Judith Schwartz, still an awesome book and still in my bookshelf). I'm guessing the yarn is acrylic, and the white stuff I know I found in an opshop. It doesn't cling to my head per say, but I did learn 'decorative decreases' (read: k2tog)


On the school holidays, the only bloke in spinning guild decided to host a weaving workshop, having nothing better to do on the hols, I went. The weaving part was fun, the hauling around the loom part sucked (this thing was huge and lived in my car after I had done as much weaving as I could). This weekend, the bloke decided to show up for more thank 2 seconds, and patiently helped me take this scarf off the loom. Picture time! Look at the pretty colours! And the fact that it needs a bath to relax, and maybe a crocheted edging to cover my beginner's mistakes....

That's all for now!


Sunday, August 17, 2008

Tale of two hats and a meme

I died in Sock wars, which is kinda cool because the pattern in question is a slouch hat. Now normally, I cannot pull of slouch hats to save myself (don't even go near berets, I just look like someone with a floppy plate on my head).

01-06-08 002

Because I died most of the way through making my hat, I sent the remaining thing onto the person who killed me. yada yada bla. I failed to take pictures of the hat in question, but imagine a black version of the one in the picture. Same yarn and everything... duuude

Also, I've been tagged by the infamous pixiefarts. So now the fun part is trying to think of someone to tag who might give it a shot. :D

I was tagged by pixiefarts
Thanks for the tag and here are the rules:
1. Link back to the person who tagged you
2. Mention the rules on your blog
3. Tell about 6 unspectacular quirks of yours
4. Tag 6 following bloggers by linking to them
5. Leave a comment on each of the tagged bloggers blogs letting them know they've been tagged

1. Tagged by pixiefarts
2. As above
3. I have an irrational fear of sharks. Which is stupid because I live on the Gold Coast which has awesome beaches.
I fear being really famous, something about a nightmare involving being a politician's wife or something.
I scare people with my randomness. Unless I'm with random people, which is just fun.
I love my tea like I love my perve objects: strong, sweet and hot. I also like to perve just as much as I love tea, but not nearly as frequently as I need tea.
I'm a grub. Albeit a grub who occasionally gets cleaning impulses
One day, I'll rule the world, Lord Vettinari style (for those not in the know, get thee to a library and borrow some Terry Pratchett. Entertaining fiction all the way)
When I get involved in a book, I REALLY get involved, to the detriment of the people around me. Ask mum how I reacted to the end of Jane Eyre! (SUCH a good book! And the end... aww the end!)

4. I hate tagging people.... but if i hate to!
I tag:
5. DONE!

I know that's technically three people. But I loathe harassing people, so feel free to do this thing and give me a hola here so I can inspect your fine handiwork. :D

Adios for now!

Sunday, August 3, 2008

And the race begins!

Not the Olympics, although you could be easily fooled into thinking so. I'm referring to the Death by hat competition on Woolaholics. Well, the pattern is out I'm using my own black, handspun, which I fear isn't showing off the detail as satisfactorily as I'd like, (pics when my camera battery finishes charging), and as I know I'm going to run out, I hope I have something that makes gauge that shows the detail a little better. I'm also surprised. I normally loathe slouchy hats, as they just aren't 'me'. But this one, I think I could actually wear.

Tooroo! I'm off to knit some slouchy goodness, and attempt to 'kill' someone in the process. For those who think I'm off my rocker and want to know why I'd want to kill someone, check out the rules and how tos of hat wars here.


Friday, August 1, 2008

Irony is...

Irony is:
Taking thirty seconds to cancel a mobile phone account (I thought the blasted thing had been nicked)
Taking two plus days (and counting) to get it switched back on again. I found it beside my bed, which is weird, because I had cleaned and vaccuumed around that area and still never saw it. Arg.

Stupidity is when you dump your armwarmers while trying to get into bed as quickly as possible (I love electric blankets) and wonder why you can't find one of the blasted things. A week later it turns up in some place you have been looking all the time. Wtf?

Hope everyone is well.


Thursday, July 24, 2008

Sorry I'm slack

I'm full of snot. I have loads of pics! (feel free to peruse here - click here! For pics of baby livestock, purchases from Bendy wool and sheep show and gasp! A finished object! I dress that I made, love and took for freaking ever to finish!). Also, if anyone can give me some one on one time to help me learn to adequately sew in a zip, I may well become your slave for life.

Uni starts next week. Uni books plus bills plus head full of snot = fun week. On the bright side, I have clearly marked dates on my calendar for when assessments are due. Said dates have been duly handed onto Mum so she can build a really really strong bombshelter. Lord knows the heady combination of energy drink, stress and two assessments due the same day definitely disqualifies me from being human.

I'm tired, and full of goo that makes be sbeak fuddy. I hope you are all snuggled up with the cuddly pet of choice drinking far too much hot chocolate. Watching cute manly bums on tv. Or something amusing.


Wednesday, July 9, 2008

How to nearly treble your money

This is a monetary scheme that almost cannot fail *coughs*

Step 1. Get spinning, or knitting or crafting.
2. Do lots of it, the more you practice the better
3. Get invited to put some entries in the local show. Find some of your first handspun (euch!) and some pretty stuff you finished recently. do the fancy presentation tricks and fork over $1.50 per entry. In my instance, two entries, = $3.
4. Win second prize in both categories. Guess the number of people in each category I entered (hint, the number before it is 1, and the number after it is 3).
5. Collect $8 prize money. Yay! Nearly treble the money I started with!

Here are the prize winning entries (I haz ribbons! I NEVER get ribbons!). On the
left, 'novelty yarn', why they call it novelty has me beat. I mean they are colourful yarn, not freaking eyelash or something. The one on the right is 'Novice yarn'. If in doubt, invoke the 'amateur rule'. Ie 'of course I couldn't win first prize in the Nobel Prize (when you come a close second) I'm an AMATEUR. Repeat until people tire. :D
01-06-08 01101-06-08 010
(Hey the pics don't look dodgy when small!Must remember that!)

See. A sure-fire way to make zillions. Or not. :D


Monday, July 7, 2008

Baby has been a baaad baaad blogger!

But I have been busy (not really, but I haven't been spending money either, which is a good thing.

Firstly, this blanket, I finished it about a week before my sister's birthday, which is this wed. (Happy birthday Darlin'!) We also won state of origin that night. Coincidence? I suspect not (GO THE MAROONS!)

01-06-08 021

I'm calling this 'the cowl that doesn't end' because it took for freaking ever to make. For what is essentially a strip of knitting (concession: linen stitch) and a freakishly weird looking buttonhole, it took a long time. But! It is bright orange handspun (badly spun, gah!) and rather warm. Though I still need a scarf or something for Bendy.


Which brings me to this:

I'm weaving! I did a workshop with spinners guild, and this is a nice mental challenge (especially with zig zagging twill, gah!). This is a four heddle (correct me weavers!) loom, which means you can do all sorts of cool things on it. At the moment I've very nearly finished my warp yarn, so hopefully I can find out how to finish the scarf on sat.

Also, I'm using stash yarn, kudos to moi!
01-06-08 002

01-06-08 005

Not perfect but I'm happy :D


See this headwarmer thingy? Very warm (I wear it all the time, finally! I can keep my head warm and have my hair up at the same time. And look cute. Duh!) I spun the yarn for that, which I entered an extra skein into the show and won me second prize! I also won second prize for novice yarn at the show. Yay! I win prizes for yarn!

That's all for now. :D


Monday, June 23, 2008

Incoming holidays!

Hey all! School holidays (and Bendigo!) are fast approaching and my sewing mojo just exploded last night. The list making part of my brain has officially gone haywire. Here are some of the things on my mind.

Holiday activities.
1. Organise room. Throw stuff out/Sell stuff (Have been getting itchy feet, I want/need to move out of home, must decrease amount of stuff to move.)
2. Buy Linen. New stuff in previously mum approved colours (I'm told that getting bright red or blue sheets will clash with my previously pale blue/dark pink sheets. Brown is in)
3. Feed the sewing mojo. I have a dress pattern that I've wanted to sew forever, a couple of skirt patterns that'd look great in heavy fabrics, and a nearby spotlight. *sigh*
4. Feed the embroidery mojo while it's perked up. Visit lovely lady from spinners guild who does incredible embroidery. Enjoy what can only be described as the best Indian food I have ever tasted. Which is great because it is the real deal.
5. Take said lovely spinners guild person to op-shops. Enjoy coffee, culture and traffic lights. Remember that despite the goodies on offer I don't actually need more knitting needles/cheap but vintage yarn/quirky vintage craft book.

Bendy plans.
1. Ask mum nicely for awesome qantas travel bag. :D
2. Search opshops/cheap places for bits and pieces.
3. Find warm things that don't take up space,
4. Tell new leather boots nice things to make them last forever.
5. Contemplate knitting project for bag.
6. Contemplate book for plane because I'm still too paranoid to take knitting needles in the regular part of the plane. Consider taking fibre to create the necessary fibre lust. Reject.
7. Repeat above until levels of insanity drive the cat nuts. :D

Okay, I'm hopped up on too much coffee and I need bed. Tooroo!

Monday, June 9, 2008

if you like Sundays and pretty colours

Then this is the post for you!
First, I like sundays, and here is a poem I've found by Kate Middleton that is just lovely to reflect over, with a cup of tea of course!

Morning Sonnet

1. Today let's take the roof off -
let's ascend easier to God.
in the meantime

2. let's glance amorously across
the Sunday crosswords
while you

3. Pour tea decorously through
the teapot's trunk, and sit down
to finger an unusually austere Bach invention
and I

4. Sermonise on the merits of ribbons
and the pink of pink icing.

Kate Middleton

Get that literary goodness into you! Smothered in pink icing, on petit fours. Of course :D

It works! Now look at some fibery fun for old times sake. :D
From left to right:
1. Happy hippy on bobbin (now navajo plied and stunning!)
2. Details on sister's birthday blanket
3. More details
4. Pretty merino - QWSFA open day
5. Undyed Optim
6. Merino/Silk sliver
7. Handdyed Optim
8. Angora! (rabbit!)
9. Tussah silk
10. cotton fibre
11. Mulberry silk
12. Cherry's Ruff Stuff (her spelling not mine, cheap as chips, and rough! But check the colours!)

That is all I can think of for now. Thank heavens for upcoming holidays!


Sunday, June 1, 2008

In which purdiness is displayed..

Hey everyone! I thought I'd never get to post! Academia has been keeping me on my toes, which is great if you like essay writing, sadly I hate making up word counts, but c'est la vie.

I have some long overdue pretties to show off, and when I can be bothered, to upload a stack of photos, a veritable tonne of fibre from the recent Queensland Spinners Weavers and Fibre Artists (QWSFA) open day last weekend.

Firstly though, thanks to the awesome Woolie Wombat for 22micron fibre she apparently promised me ages ago, but I really don't remember asking for. This stuff is so soft and is begging for splashes of colour. The staple length is long and makes me want to use it for a pillow so I snuggle in the sheepy goodness. mmmm

26-05-08 009

Two bags! Can you see why I think she's great (and the fact that she's teaching a group of us to knit lace... online, not even one on one contact. Gem!).

For more bragworthiness, look what I scored at my favourite newsagent!
26-05-08 006

By Alan Dart, the patterns are cute, and easy! I just love the fact that there are so many patterns in there, and uses for eyelash yarn! Beards, gotta love 'em :D For some reason, this 26-05-08 007 just captures my imagination. I may even knit some of them. I'm not a toy person per se, but I think this book just about has me converted. :D

Thanks to everyone who gave me suggestions re: mitts. I discovered the biggest help was the most obvious. Seam the bloody things! Although that said, they could still use some elastic around the finger and the bottom ribbing. *sigh* Next time...

Non-crafty things, I have just received my highest ever mark for an assessment at uni, 75%! I'm absolutely stoked, as I usually only just manage to pass by the skin of my teeth. I love the subject, but essays well and truly suck. Eugh!


Saturday, May 17, 2008

Proper post

As promised!

Hope everyone is well. Nice to be back :D

Lots of news!
1. You know how I had to reapply for my own job (bureacratic bullshit) well I got it. But now without some selection criteria, an interview (I become speedy gonzalez in interviews, if I spoke any faster, I'd fly!) and the official handshake from the Principal. :D

2. The assignment that was also keeping me nervous, finally nailed, less than 24hours before it was due. Terrifying and I was too slack to make a proper draft, show it to everyone in living memory and submit. With any luck, flying by the seat of my proverbial pants will pay off (or. erm.. not)

3. VintageGrrl has started dyeing fibre and offered her first batch up for grabs. The ice-cream flavoured Peppermint Choc Chip is now mine, ALL mine! And in the interests of free plugging, find her here and here

Also, a finished object! Well, not technically finished, I just need to seam it and but they look done because I've temporarily levelled up the seams up with safety pins (a happy, handy useful hint from spinning guild). The pattern from the latest knitty frankenknits. But they are warm, even though the ribbing at the bottom isn't grippy enough... Should I undo the cast on edge and make it tighter/add elastic? Opinions appreciated.

secret message mitts

Anyway, with any luck there will be another post in about a week's time! YAY!


Wednesday, May 14, 2008

long overdue update

Coming on the weekend. I might even say something!

Just a quick, mini winge. The more I do my essay for uni, the more I come to loathe my job. By reading, simple, factual ethnographic essays (for the peops who have never heard of ethnography, I hadn't before this semester, ethnography is essentially people watching and reporting on the people. It's a huge part (aside from the paper based research part) of Anthropology). I never realised how so much patriarchy was in my workplace! No wonder I never get any work done, I'm too busy fending off attacks. Grr!!

Update on the weekend! That's a toasted toads promise (pick the author/series, I dare you!)


Tuesday, April 22, 2008


I'M GOING TO BENDIGO! All booked, all set, just need my butt and certain knitted goods :D

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Run run run

Hey everyone! I have been insanely slack, and rather busy at the same time. The promised holy grail of broadband resulted in cleaning my room at 6am (ack!) and the blokes turning up to discover some telstra hub in next door's garden. They need to do some body corporate crud and sadly that means another 6am start (cruel and unusual torture) next week.

Good news! I am going to be at the Bendigo Wool and Sheep show (surrounded by lovely ravelry peops!) in the middle of winter. I need warm stuff, LOTS of warm stuff. So I have goals. Some of which include busting of stash! Firstly, I am 3/4 of the first armwarmer! Yum! using 4 balls of 100% wool stash. I even have a pic!

secret message mitt

the colours are in a random assortment, whatever I felt like at the time, which means the twin will be fraternal. And just to prove that I really aim to bust, I have a recipe for striped 8ply socks around here.. will hopefully use the balls up for that too :D

my plan/needs for bendigo are:
a warm, thick beanie. probably two.

The goal is to get one thing done a week so that I can have plenty of breathing time and time for other projects, maybe need to make more socks.. just warm stuff!

Anyway, chat later!

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

If you don't see me

It's because my job has been advertised. I am doing the running around thing, and weekends are the time I spend in my daggies doing paperwork. The knitting mojo is definitely starting to return, and hopefully will finish stuff soon.

Oh and this capped broadband has (finally) sent mum over the edge. For what slightly more than what we pay now for broadband, we'll be getting 11 gig more and a download speed that makes your neck hurt trying to look at it. Which means many more pics. Ooh yes! There shall be catness :D


Sunday, March 16, 2008

so... many pics!!

I have been hit by the spinning bug in a bad way, which is good, because my knitting mojo is recovering but still is ill. But mentally, I'm definitely been feeling better. A huge thanks to a random act of kindness received this week!

12-03-08 00312-03-08 00812-03-08 00612-03-08 00212-03-08 00111-03-08 003

Like the pretty wheel? Thats a Chrissy/birthday pressie from my father, I've replaced the drive band with four ply, and she spins a treat!

adios for now!!

Monday, March 10, 2008


Apologies everyone, I have no less than two posts ready to zap into creation in my head, but time constraints and internet screwups have resulted in bloglessness.

And its about to get worse. But lets start with happy news.

Happy 1. I've been getting out of the house! I went to the spinner's guild on the weekend, got to try a different wheel and spin alpaca. LOTS of fun

Happy 2. Got to meet people in Bris doing the same uni subject as I am. Had a good 'ol winge at the lack of support services for external students, and had REALLY lovely chai at batavia.

Happy 3. The spinning again, I'm really getting into it, I love it and it is such a release.

Alas we hit the annoying/sad portion (you all knew it was coming)

Arg 1. Due to my procrastination and a certain seller named amazon, a uni book of mine won't be arriving until 2 days before an assignment that relies heavily on that book is due. I paid for express shipping and everything!

Arg 2. I have to do an industry placement of sorts for the archive subject. In fact the whole of the semester's work relies on said industry placement. The inability to find someone who does school hours on the coast, AND has archive qualifications is Nigh on impossible.

Arg 3. My job is due to be advertised and due to confusion and procrastination this RPL stuff has me stumped. Whats required from me by TAFE has me stumped. I feel royally screwed. In fact, I can feel the 'ol depression rearing its ugly head despite any sunny outlook on my part,

This weekend, I organise, I clean and I (hopefully not in vain) keep my sanity in one piece. Why oh why did I decide to do two subjects? I barely have the nous and the organisational skills for one!

Here, pretty pictures of spinning, to make my day, and maybe even your day.

01-03-08 024 - spun and plied!

10-03-08 002 more yarn on a cob!

Monday, February 25, 2008

Stage call for Fred Astaire, stage call for Fred Astaire...

Thanks to the hot water heater carking it, the stairwell is now a tapdancer's delight!Naked stairs Those tack things are also a unique way of waking you up in the morning. Ouch!

The latest project? socks! Technically I only started these for s'n'b, but now I can't stop!

23-02-08 012

and I managed to spin non yarn barf! I can't believe it took trying a different fibre to produce said pretty single. That was a bobbin's worth (and the green leader) just need to spin the other bobbin and I
corriedale single

Any ravelers needing a really good laugh, you seriously can't go past the over the fence chat. I've made friends, and can no longer hold a straight face when mention of certain lollies are involved. Ideal time about 7pm EST. Prepare to laugh, lots. :D


Monday, February 11, 2008

More yummy goods with pics

Technically I am showing off goods/bought recently, so if you are anti brag, leave now. :D

Here is a gorgeous dress I discovered at vinnies. A hand embroidered dress! I really like it, except for the fact there are embroidered flowers right over the nips and the shaped like a tent. I can handle tent shaping and flowery nips, I just need shrugs, or wraps that cover the boobage and give me a waist. Its so unlike anything else I have, I just want to wear it constantly.

hand embroidered dress

Back of perfect hand embroidery. How perfect can it get?
the back of hand embroidered dress

Here is a flower I made using the technique from Prudence Mapstone's book
freeform flower

8-02-08 006

8-02-08 006
8-02-08 004

bag from addicted2knitting

The books are gorgeous, divine, but in the interests of laziness, I will post them later.

Night all!