Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Brain dead

Hey everyone! I am safely back home and had a huge post with loads of pics mentally lined up. Then, yesterday I got a raging case of the flu. So, until I feel human again, here is a quick run through.

Perth is awesome, the shops close at 5pm on the dot (bleuch) but the free public transport system is great.
I saw (in no particular order):
- Lots of Perth river, some incredible ye olde architecture and the ever awesome London style alley right in the middle of the CBD,
- Museum, which I find overwhelmingly brilliant because there is a old style museum room complete with more taxidermied things than you shake the proverbial stick out. Also more old-style architecture with dinosaurs (witty captions/pics to come) and I also was there when a primary school group went through. Their squeals of delight (and for some, terror) when they saw the dinosaurs made things more fun.
- Kings Park, which is a beautiful spot, again, right near the CBD. A market was on, and to discover a plant with my last name on it was pretty cool.
- City Farm, an organic co-operative right beside a rail line was pretty fun. Also the odd person who talked to me on the free buses, where I learnt their opinions and pointed out local attractions was fun as fun can be.

Okay that's it for now, I'm going to bury my head in ice and hope this bastard flu goes away.



Anonymous said...

Hi Sally ~
I can't believe you were in Perth just a week or so ago.
Your father and I now live in Perth!
Well, we're not far from Perth. We're in Kelmscott, doing a house-sitting for a couple, both teachers who are away for three months.
It's great reading your blog ~ you have a creative, funny (in a nice way) style of writing that I like. :)
I'm sorry that I didn't answer your nice letter. I seem to type and use a mouse a lot more than I do any actual hand-writing, unfortunately.
I'm going to read more of your blog now...
have a great day!

Anonymous said...

sorry, I forgot to say:
Get Well Soon!
It's a flu that, it seems, everybody in Perth has, so we gave it to you... Sorry! :)
Both Colin and I have had it for over a week now and it's a persistent one. You are warned. If you are into trying natural remedies, drink lots and lots of cranberry juice.
And rest.
And take care of yourself.
- raye