Sunday, February 25, 2007

I'm, spinning around!

Hey everyone! now that I have my sweet purdy camera back, (you don't realise how much you use the thing until you don't have it for a week!) I plan on bombarding you with the wonderful things I have received and made this week.

My wonderful felt bead bracelet,

My awesomest jewellery, from cyndiq (she accidentally sent me two bracelets, having minute wrists, I turned them into one necklace, so comfy and so pretty!)
jewellery - cyndiq

This lovely wristlet from mmd32
wristlet - mmd32

And Jane Doe who gave me this awesome felt bead bracelet that I just think is the funkiest thing ever!
felt bead bracelt, Jane Doe

And what about items I've made? Well get this, I've pretty much finished the two presents I was making, AHEAD of time!!!!

Irony is nearly finished

This is for mum, I just need to add a tail on a duck, and finish the top border thing.

And will you check the detail on this Irish Hiking Scarf? This is the best project I've ever produced, bar none and its going to a good home!

irish hiking scarf - done!

And just to prove that there are no idle hands here,
random embroidery Some embroidery! Part sampler, part random fun stuff.

And can someone/everyone tell me everything you know about spinning? I should be the proud owner of a wheel soon, but need as much info as possible re: buying wheels, roving etc.


Thursday, February 22, 2007

Swappin' fever!

Well everyone, you should SEE the sheer quantity of stuff I have received thus far. Everything I have received and I am well and truly convinced I can't live without, and the feedback I have received from the people I have sent to has truly changed a rather dodgy week. As luck happens I'm getting back my camera on sunday, which is great because its earlier that Wednesday, but no so fun because I am planning to embroider a little pouch for my friend's 21st present (some perfectly funky bling). Oh well. Alas.

Lets see as for crafty stuff I have actually DONE, well I am making good progress on my mum's less-than-secret cross-stitch (officially reads 'irony is not dead' plus a pink bunny at the bottom. About the halfway mark. Have done a few rows on the Irish Hiking Scarf, which is a cosy 110 cms, which isn't the six feet I need before I send it off, but if I do a few hours on it tomorrow, it will be ready in time (ish, could be close! Sorry Col!)

And just before I add another random picture, here is a poem that I really clicked with from this lovely book of chinese love poems, (perk of working in a library, get first picks of the new books!) May I present to you: 'Drinking Alone Under the Moon' by Li Bai (Li Po) (701-62)

Among the flower, with a whole pot of wine,
- A solitary drinker with no companions -
I raise my cup to invite the bright moon:
It throws my shadow
and makes us a party of three.

But moon
Understands nothing of drinking,
And shadow
Only follows aimlessly.
For the time
Shadow and moon are my fellows,
Seizing happiness
While the Spring lasts.
I sing:
the moon sails lingeringly,
I dance:
my shadow twirls and bobs about.
As long as I'm sober, we all frolic together;
When I'm drunk, we scatter and part.
Let us seal together
this passionless friendship -
Meet again
by the far-off River of Stars!

Whoa dude. Told you that was some seriously good poetry.

dead pan shot

My best side, no? My (very vocal) burmese brat cat (he knows he has me wrapped around his little paw :D )

anyway for a complete lack of original thought, I bid thee adieu, and just to prove that watch too much children's tv, my favourite quote from ABC show 'BB3B'
'Stay safe,
stay sharp,
staaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyy HUMAN!'

just found this, 64%? Well I was 12 ten years ago...
You've Changed 64% in 10 Years

Compared to who you were ten years ago, you've changed a great deal.
In fact, you're probably in a completely different phase of your life - and very happy about it!


Sunday, February 18, 2007

Camera not here...

Watch for commentary. My camera is currently at my sister's new place, taking pictures of the new place. However due to unforeseen circumstances, my snazzy camera is coming back next wednesday. On my birthday. Scary things, birthdays, I'll be 22 years old, double scary.

So just as I have done a heap of crafty things, camera isn't here. Lets list them

1. did an embroidery practice thingy,
2. drew a picture then embroidered it, and started adding extra embellishment, as soon as I can take a pic of it I will, I really like it, (a face in profile on a pinstripe background.
3. did a few rows on the stashbusting blanket, now that there is no deadline, I'm really enjoying doing the odd row or two. Might even be ready for this years ekka (unlikely, but I like to dream)

Now that all my swaps are done and out for the year, I'm free! liberated, so ready to go crafting nuts, (will show pics of cross stitch as well) Now if I didn't have to study...

Just because I can't shoot photos at the moment, I thought I'd include a gratuitous cat shot. I present to you: Demon cat of the complex! beware your feet and eardrums!

beast can

p.s. should be receiving a stack of things this week and I can't take photos! CRUD!
p.s.s. Did anyone see the first episode of the new series of gray's anatomy? I'm scarily hooked. Soapy, slightly predictable but I love it.


Sunday, February 11, 2007

Another quick update brought to you by our proud sponsor 'panic time'

Hey everyone! I seem to be the queen of quick posts lately, I'm finishing an assignment so I can e-mail it in at the last minute (isn't that always the way?) and so I can reward myself (need more rewards dammit!)

First things first, check out my new necklace from etsy!
new necklace!

I love it! Must check out this seller (I'm all for Aussie sellers, easy to pay and the work is wonderful!!) She has slightly pricey (everything is in US dollars, I discovered that the hard way) but it was so definitely worth it! I've been eyeing off a few of her things, (although it seems my absolutely favourite necklace has been sold. Rats. Not to be put off though, I've got big plans to buy a stack of jewellery in the next few months. Watch this space!

Also, anyone want two doilies? I recently received a long overdue swap package from the US and while these doilies have been lovingly handcrafted and starched, I just don't know anyone or anywhere I can put them!!!


See? so pretty.

Crafty anecdotes here:
- Irish hiking Scarf (IHS) has reached the four foot mark and is growing like a monster!
- Started another cross-stitch. This is one for mum, it reads 'Irony is not dead'
- Sending all my Aussie swaps on tuesday, I'm racing to finish a raccoon, but then I'll be swap free till the end of the year! Will be putting everything on my flickr site (including my meagre attempts at project spectrum thus far)
- I'm looking forward to learning some serious knitting, sewing, embroidery, well everything really...


Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Three little swap things

Hey everyone!
The title of this post is reminiscent of a song I used to sing in grade 3... for some reason I can't get 'five little notes all in a row / La, so, mi, ray,do ' out of my head. Oh so annoying..

Anyway as I've not much to post, basically the fact is I am running behind on my swap items, three swap items

One washcloth to go, and a small raccoon and I'm done. not pictured, two other FINISHED beanies!!

Oh and while I'm rushing around... can anyone tell me if a raccoon's tale is striped or what?


Sunday, February 4, 2007


Well today has been a really rewarding day. Why? I purged in a way that no bulimic ever has. Have you ever had one of those moments where you look at something that you've looked at for a long time, knowing you had to do something, then in a fit of frustration you've done it? That was me today. I started off just getting rid of the clothes that were hung up that bothered me. That wasn't enough, I was on a role. On total I cleared 3 whole garbage bags of things, mostly clothes, but craft books and old projects that I knew I would never wear ever again.

Look!! Closet space! Can you see how many spare hangers there are???

My room is purged and until the pay comes rolling in again I won't be in a position to afford to replace said purged items. But thats where crafty stuff comes in. I'm beginning to bargain with myself so I can sew (and by extension, teach myself to sew) on the weekends and build a wardrobe I want.

On other news. You know the driving test I was going to take? I failed. Just. I was aceing the test (four minor mistakes, which is really good) and the tester and I hit the dreaded reverse parallel park. I was going really well, chatting to the tester (really nice bloke btw, I hope they are all friendly like that) and I got caught in the moment and... I curbed it. First time in my life I have ever curbed the car on a reverse parallel and I did it in the test. Heartbreaking? Yes. But it was one way to blow $220 and a day off work.

Blue - Chair backing
Random Project Spectrum photo!

So with all this learning and everything, did I actually craft anything? Well yes my feeble, invisible friend, I did. However most of my weekend has involved frogging the crochet (swap stuff) because yesterday was the official lapse of judgement day. this mainly involved getting about halfway through a beanie before realising its gargantuan size would only fit the hulk. In pink.

Blue curtain

Pretty blue sari style curtain, the pic makes it more blue than in real life, which I kinda like really...

Blue sky!!

Pretty sky! I love the blueness of the blue sky. Definitely my favourite colour. :D

Oh and since it IS February, and that kind of means Project Spectrum has actually STARTED, I have taken some 'blue' photos, because due to swapping stuff, there is no way I can even think about my socks (aka intended project for the blue category of project spectrum)

To all a good night!