Sunday, February 11, 2007

Another quick update brought to you by our proud sponsor 'panic time'

Hey everyone! I seem to be the queen of quick posts lately, I'm finishing an assignment so I can e-mail it in at the last minute (isn't that always the way?) and so I can reward myself (need more rewards dammit!)

First things first, check out my new necklace from etsy!
new necklace!

I love it! Must check out this seller (I'm all for Aussie sellers, easy to pay and the work is wonderful!!) She has slightly pricey (everything is in US dollars, I discovered that the hard way) but it was so definitely worth it! I've been eyeing off a few of her things, (although it seems my absolutely favourite necklace has been sold. Rats. Not to be put off though, I've got big plans to buy a stack of jewellery in the next few months. Watch this space!

Also, anyone want two doilies? I recently received a long overdue swap package from the US and while these doilies have been lovingly handcrafted and starched, I just don't know anyone or anywhere I can put them!!!


See? so pretty.

Crafty anecdotes here:
- Irish hiking Scarf (IHS) has reached the four foot mark and is growing like a monster!
- Started another cross-stitch. This is one for mum, it reads 'Irony is not dead'
- Sending all my Aussie swaps on tuesday, I'm racing to finish a raccoon, but then I'll be swap free till the end of the year! Will be putting everything on my flickr site (including my meagre attempts at project spectrum thus far)
- I'm looking forward to learning some serious knitting, sewing, embroidery, well everything really...


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ikkinlala said...

That necklace is really pretty on you!