Monday, June 15, 2009


Hi everyone,

Contrary to popular belief, I am still alive and plugging along. Have exam tomorrow so am enjoying the procrastination. I had the perfect post a couple of weeks ago, then got lazy and failed to upload proper photos/get permissions. However here is a quick recap.

The beginning of the month spinner's guild had a (surprisingly large, well placed) spot at the first ever Textile Art Festival. I was the organiser of said space which meant being flat out on my feet all day talking to people, and thanks to the support of the people who helped me run the stall, it was an absolute blast, I loved it, even if, by doing so, I spoke more in three days than I had in about a month. Insanity of the fun variety. Here are pics of the stall as taken by another member (sorry they are so small, this was the only size that flickr would let me steal).

After the first day, instead of doing the sensible thing and having a nice night in, I went out. Much fun was had. The Saturday I went out, but for even more fun. Y'see, one of my sister's flatmates was having his 21st party (awwwww) and to really have some fun, it was decided a gangster theme was the thing. The men wore suits, suspenders and smoked cigars, the ladies found their finest garb and spent hours in the bathroom. While it was technically 1920's ish gangster (think the movie 'Some Like it Hot') I found the cutest dress that was really more of a 1950s style in an op shop (for $3!!!!) so I wore that. This pic I think is one of my favourites of me, sweet sassy and wearing faaaar too much mascara.

Anyway, thatis something for now. I've been spinning and dyeing like a mad woman (who knew that I could spin and read/listen to lectures at the same time? Nuts!) so will naturally need to set up a photoshoot of some description for that.


Sunday, May 24, 2009

That's egg on your face!

Or, on your shirt. I bought this brooch the other week from the local markets which I can't help think is the funniest thing ever.

20-03-09a 034

Who says you shouldn't play with your food eh?

On another note, look what I designed and made! Designed after having about 3hours sleep (thanks a lot, cat) and needing to quickly make a neckwarmer for a friend in an exchange. The colour is absolutely not my colour, but given that the whole shebang is just 2x2 rib with twisted rib, I think it looks quite striking.

20-03-09a 031 The whole shebang.

20-03-09a 033
Closeup of the pattern.

I reckon the buttonholes need revision, but given that I'm definitely making a second version of this (would I be the only nutter wanting this recipe?), that shouldn't be a problem.

It has occured to me that I haven't taken pics of the handspun I've been producing lately. So here is just a bunch of photos of yarn. Tasty, delicious yarn!

20-03-09a 02620-03-09a 02920-03-09a 02620-03-09a 02420-03-09a 01920-03-09a 01820-03-09a 01520-03-09a 01420-03-09a 01120-03-09a 009


p.s. Also, I shall be at the upcoming Textile Art Festival for the duration of the festival. I will be wearing my rav badge, come up and say hi!!

p.p.s Almost forgot! I finally added a big, crazy pompom to my carrot hat! See!!
20-03-09a 008

Thursday, May 7, 2009


I have just seen that it was February 8 when I last updated this thing. Oy and vey. Slackarama on my part, I apologise. Life, as they say, has been topsy turvy as of late, and the trend seems set to continue. However, as I deem this stuff to be in the realm 'not your beeswax, nerny nerny ner ner'. I present you pics of a hat I made, using only the dodgiest of dodgy on hand, and pictures of alpacas, taken on Saturday.

20-03-09a 001

Twisted stitches!

20-03-09a 005

Can't you just smell the lumpy texture?

For reasons you may figure out, I have decided to call this my carrot hat, as it rather reminds me of a carrot emerging from the ground. I am thinking a huge honking pompom on the top using the last of the yarn might be the perfect touch. What do you reckon?

20-03-09a 021

Check this out, 'Jewish alpaca does not eat pork'. See the brown patch on his head? I'm calling that a yarmulke. Because who says livestock can't pursue religion?

20-03-09a 050 Itsy Bitsy Alpaca! This guy was born on Anzac day, he was definitely the perfect size to stow in a vehicle, y'know... so he can mow the lawn... that's right.... (also: I love my camera)

20-03-09a 026

Unison alpacas look pensive, in unison. (Oh the scalding wit! How can you handle it?!)

20-03-09a 025

No witticisms here, I just like that they are both the same colour and eating at the same time.

Looks like I forgot to upload photos of 'the stud'. I just love saying 'the stud' in the sleaziest voice possible. Makes me think I'm cool.

Anyway, adios for now!

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Your regularly scheduled update

In which there is nothing to report. Joy. Well, no CRAFTY things to report. Mainly thus:
- I have a new job (yay!), being an administration assistant. Work isn't as interesting as library, but the pay, waaay better.
- The social life that comes with being in briz is fun, but a little draining. 2 nights plus a fortnight is a huge change from going out once a fortnight plus the occasional afternoon tea with a friend. I can't wait to get used to it.
- Spinning camp at Bornhoffen (I have no idea where it is either) this coming weekend is going to be BRILLIANT. So brilliant I believe all of the participants are wishing friday afternoon was here already. I'm looking forward to a weekend of workshops, socialising, shopping and being in a position where no one wants the top bunk. Except me. I get to sleep in a top bunk!!!
- craft wise, I'm working on a rather large something for my swap partner for the favourite colours swap on rav. It grows larger and larger, and I'm hoping my swap partner loves it more than anything in the whole widest world. If she doesn't love it. It's mine, dag nammit.

Night all!

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Quell Horreur! An FO!

Hello everyone! I have finally decided that having finished a project, it would probably be a nice thing to actually show it off. Even if it does need blocking and the ends woven in..

May I present: Bad Penny with ribbing!

Bad Penny

The original pattern didn't have under the bust ribbing and very little shaping in the pattern, which works well for some body types, less so for me. I followed someone else's modification and did 2x2 ribbing from under the bust to my desired length. Because I could also try this sucker on, I could get second and third opinions about the length as well.

Bad Penny

This twisted part is what happens when the pattern tells me to knit and I knit. I was taught to think the reverse of everyone else does. My knit is purl and vice versa. I decided to make this a design feature instead of ripping.

Bad Penny

Just look how good this baby goes with my shawl!

Now because I'm cheap and decided to use cheap yarn (pallette yarn on special for $2) which is pure wool, it is scratchy as hell. I'm thinking of soaking in hair conditioner to soften it up. For anyone in the know, does this work? Is there anything I can do to this yarn to make it wearable against the skin? Or will I be have to wear a singlet underneath?

All in all, this project took about a month to do on 5mm needles. easy, customisable and enjoyable.

In other news, I have just scored a job trial, so with any luck I'll be employed for at least three months = money!!


Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Home sweet home

Hi everyone!

I'm not sure if I have blabbed in previous posts or not, but I have moved and am officially a Brisvegas gal now. While I haven't really done much in the way of spinning or knitting (a bit of fleece and a shiteload of washcloths), this means nothing really of consequence to post. However since this IS the internet (where no-one can hear you scream), here are a few wee shots of my new place/evidence of having made myself really at home.

Toby has really settled in! Never before has a cat had so much freedom and time to snooze on the deck in the sun. It's a tough life, but some cat has to do it.

'The wall'. My bedroom wall with ephemera I've either been sent, or have found myself. I love receiving postcards of exotic locales, and some of the postcards have been picked up on my travels too. Home sweet home.

Okay This is the lamest post yet. But hopefully it's just twee.

Later lovelies!

Monday, December 29, 2008

A quickie for the road...

Hi Everyone!

My usual fortnightly post. Hope you had a fun christmas day, and hope the hangovers weren't flowing tooo freely!

Firstly. While I can't stand the smell and taste of seafood, it IS an Australian tradition, one that my sister and mother participated in with relish.

seafood lunch

'nuff said. I had an awesome day with my sister and mother, with the margaritas flowing, deep philosophical (for drunk people) topics discussed, it was lots of fun.

Secondly. I made felted soaps. Something I think non-crafty peops and crafty people alike can share in. Using this tutorial, which I think is a standard tutorial among people trying this for the first time.
Felted soaps
What do you reckon? Three of these already have homes - well one went to the sis, one is a birthday present and one is for a swap partner and the last one is for me. Honey soap (presents mum received but didn't want). What I found worked best is a combination of the following.

1. Wear rubber gloves so that you
2. Can have boiling water. The grips on the gloves really add the the felting action and speed the whole process up.
3. Also, handdyeds bleed when boiling hot water flows, so next time, stick to the commercial fibres.

Close-ups! Click for a better view.
felted soapsfelted soaps

felted soapsfelted soaps

Moving is going steadily. The last ten days have been promised to be the killer ones. As is, I'm living on survival rations of clothing, my fibre/yarn stash is in the new home (survival rations of knitting and fibre) and anything that isn't in a box will be by Wednesday. Also, the house is now filled with all thing carbs, because for some reason, the non-carbohydrate thingies seem to get eaten first. I'm definitely dreading the last few days where food will be entirely fast food / non-homecooked. Unless there is someone REALLY lovely out there who fancies bringing over some soup/anything with veges next week?

Have a good new years, take care, don't spend all your $$ at the new years sales!