Thursday, September 27, 2007

This blog proudly brought to you by...

Fluffy thing on a stick. This happens to be my favourite thing at present, because it makes EVERYONE happy! Fluffy thing on a stick should really be called 'feathers on a stick' but lacks the same appeal. My cat seems to be enamoured with this item, and I can testify that simply someone waving the thing gives you an insane urge to bat the thing around.

Now onto other exciting things, namely BOXERS! See, I have a love affair with fat quarters, those cheap bits of fabric with patterns that would be far too costly to buy by the metre. This idea has been gestating in my head for a while so it was the best fun carrying it out. In the end I hacked down the waistline to something more 'me appropriate'.
26-09-07 014 Cats on front (even the patterns are the right way! w00t!)

26-09-07 024

On the back.. flamingos!!!! There is something about flamingos that just crack me up. Surely they seem like nature's idea of a good laugh? Especially in fabric form lol.

I absolutely love these! Except for where I underestimated the length (needs to be about 10cm longer) They are insanely comfy, and the sis may yet request a some for Christmas.


Thursday, September 20, 2007

You spin me right round baby

Another tale of excitement from the weekend (it was a VERY good weekend). I learnt to spin from the lovely Karen. She had some raw sheep (mmm sheep smell) and started me off with a newly requisition wire coathanger and some fleece she had. Learning about tension, staple length and everything was quite an experience... but so fun! Anyway here are some pics..
slightly less artsy shot of first ever yarn
artsy shot of first yarn - artsy shot, it was originally a mistake, but the more I look at the fibres, the more I love it.

Here are a couple of supplies Karen sold me (thank heavens for the spinner's guild!!)
silk cap I'm practising so I can spin this nice and finely, I just love the colour. I'm also considering buying a spindle from this guy, as I'd like to have a nice fancy spindle to spin nice stuff on. Did I mention that I'm hooked? I love the challenge, and I've suprised myself with how much I love the deep, musky sheep smell.
pure Corriedale wool - See? Sheepy crimps and everything!

There is a new Stitch'n'bitch that has rather coughing into existence on Ravelry. Called the knittee committee, there have been a couple of meetings, and still trying to find a location that is good for everyone. Clearly its not on the Coast. The next one looks to be at threads and more in Sherwood...if I can get there and NOT get lost. (big IF people) also, this happens to be this yarn store (with not terribly well informed people so I hear), on the holidays. What are the chances that I'll leave with money? Not terribly good stakes sadly.

Anyway, adios for now, and Viva la School Holidays! Sleep in! Not deal with rampant teenagers for two weeks! Whoop!


Sunday, September 16, 2007

Be my dummy, dummy!

I'm knackered. It has been a really fun weekend, but all this exercise (read: walking) and cleaning and reorganising has me bushed.

So for the general amusement of everyone, I wish to show off a few things. Firstly, my new dressmaker's doll! I've not configured her to my measurements, mainly due to the fact that I don't really want to measure myself. That said, I have this insane urge to take her to a bbq and make silly cracks like 'don't offer her another drink love, she's legless as it is!' or 'She can't hurt you, she's 'armless!'.
my new dressmaker's dummy!16-09-07 009
See? Everything is looking good! Once I get some more bookshelves there will be more space. The downside is that I can see at a glance that I have too much yarn. Rats.

Anyway, happy 100th post to me! I can't believe I'm still posting (and boring countless invisible friends) bored silly!

Night for now,


p.s Ravelry people, get thee to the discussion titled 'pet peektures' and prepare to go 'awwwwe'. Really, true cuteness. :D

Friday, September 7, 2007

imposed hiatus

Hey everyone, sorry for being rather... absent. I've been procrastinating, which when things start biting you on the bum, is really not as fun as it sounds. Also my internet has run out of download speed, which makes this thing slower than any dial-up going. However, looking at the bright side of life is the way to do things these days (and MUCH more understandable that 'rap music' whatever it may be. :P

So without more procrastination (you'd think I'd learn, ARG) quite a few things have happened last week. Let the timeline begin.

Friday - public holiday, I baked. Triple choc muffins and ANZAC slice. They were gifted to my sis and her flatmate, where I hear they are being enjoyed *enter ego boost here*.
triple choc muffins,

Wednesday, I picked up a package from the post office, voila! One swap package!

received from auntiem
washcloth!!!white washcloth!
Check this apron, fabric from my wists, is it not the cutest fabric ever???? Apologies for the shot, I'd just gotten home from work and looked/felt like a frump. A very tired frump at that.
sweetest pea apronsweetest pea fabric

anyway enough for now...



Sunday, September 2, 2007


I must confess I've been rather lax in the crafty department as of late. I'm recovering from post-postal-syndrome - the shock you receive when you find out it is going to cost you $40 to send a package to the US. On the bright side, I should be receiving a package from the US, which will mean LOLLIES! And totally cool crafted stuff. Never forget the totally cool crafted stuff.

As for the weekend that just went, I went to a family friend's place for a truly AWESOME Riverfest. For those not in the know, Riverfest is basically a one night celebration where the river is celebrated for the important role in play's in Brisbane. Known for some pretty awesome fireworks and the spectacular fly overs/fuel dumps by the F111s - Airforce planes making a big orange streak across the sky as they burn some serious petrol. Now THATS tax payer funded fun!

Had a beautiful breakfast with my sister and my mum this morning at some lovely cafe in West End, Brisbane, and have come to a decision. In the interests of curing 'the University Blues' I am going to start sending random fun things to the sis (she never reads the blog, so its all a suprise). But my question to you lovely invisibles out there.... What can I send relatively cheaply, that would make a stressed person's day? Think about when you were in Uni/TAFE/Educational institution of choice, what would have REALLY made your day????