Sunday, September 2, 2007


I must confess I've been rather lax in the crafty department as of late. I'm recovering from post-postal-syndrome - the shock you receive when you find out it is going to cost you $40 to send a package to the US. On the bright side, I should be receiving a package from the US, which will mean LOLLIES! And totally cool crafted stuff. Never forget the totally cool crafted stuff.

As for the weekend that just went, I went to a family friend's place for a truly AWESOME Riverfest. For those not in the know, Riverfest is basically a one night celebration where the river is celebrated for the important role in play's in Brisbane. Known for some pretty awesome fireworks and the spectacular fly overs/fuel dumps by the F111s - Airforce planes making a big orange streak across the sky as they burn some serious petrol. Now THATS tax payer funded fun!

Had a beautiful breakfast with my sister and my mum this morning at some lovely cafe in West End, Brisbane, and have come to a decision. In the interests of curing 'the University Blues' I am going to start sending random fun things to the sis (she never reads the blog, so its all a suprise). But my question to you lovely invisibles out there.... What can I send relatively cheaply, that would make a stressed person's day? Think about when you were in Uni/TAFE/Educational institution of choice, what would have REALLY made your day????



Lindsay said...

I think often just a note or card letting you know you're appreciated does wonders. Other little things could be bookmarks, chocolates, jewelry, tiny soft toys...

Hope this is helpful!

Vicki said...

I recomend anything that could be considered a luxury item. Because when you are a student there is never enough over in the budget for *ahem* discretionary spending. I am thinking chocolates or snack foods from OS, a bubble bar from Lush or sock yarn if she is a crafty one. That stuff never fails to impress, even if you have not spent much. What do you think?