Sunday, November 25, 2007

Still knackered

Still procrastinating. This week, I keep promising... it would help if this work wasn't a load of pretentious crap to begin with. Arg. To be fair, I have gotten a little crafting done. And (all things actually go to plan and I stop being slack) I might even get some sewing done next weekend. MUST. GET. WORKING.... later.

YOu view the internal struggles within.

Also! Link of the day, its being making the rounds

Free Rice The site says that for every question you get right, you donate ten grains of rice. This sounds like those annoying forwarded emails you get, but the word game is fun. That and trying to get a higher score. I tell you, its the American spelling, and some of the words with slightly inaccurate counterparts that get me... or it could be sour grapes. YOU DECIDE!

Yech, back to the hard slog. Besides, how precisely do you demonstrate to complete strangers that you have '3.2 Ongoing planning and implementation are conducted to ensure that effective workplace relationships are developed and maintained.'

Complete, utter crap.


Sunday, November 18, 2007

I meant to do my work today...

Arg! Sorry about lack of posts, I've been desperately trying to finish off some bureaucratic crud asap. Sadly, the internet, and an extreme reluctance to finish the blasted stuff (innate stubbornness NOT helping!) has resulted in some pretty fun exploration of the internet. (blame etsy, ravelry and bloglines respectively). So the perfect tribute? This poem! (The first line, is, as far as I know, also the title. Very nifty!)

I meant to do my work today -
But a brown bird sang in the apple tree,
And a butterfly flitted across the field,
And all the leaves were calling me.

And the wind went signing over the land
Tossing the grasses to and fro,
And a rainbow held out its shining hand -
So what else could I do but laugh and go?

Richard Le Galliene

adios for now!

p.s. I went to a shindig up in the Q1 (also known as the Gold Coast's largest Phallic symbol) and took a stack of photos, that actually worked, you can see schoolies partying on the beach and everything! But later, always later!

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Sorry miss, my wrists are sore

Your wrists would be sore too if startitis (and a less than healthy serving of nerves) got your butt working on the ribbed cardigan from Jo Sharp's latest book. 214 stitches on circulars, 7.5 cms of knitting, 3.25 mm needle, thats a lot of stitches (now being used as reward knitting so I may have more incentive to complete my tea cosy swap items)
oversaturated shirt shot12-11-07 022

Couldn't help but chuck in a couple of shots, dare I say they would have been loads better if I had been bothered to takes pics in daylight. I must confess I'm easily amused by the oversaturation (that led to frustration that led to the discovery of the 'snow shot' setting... perfect! A camera setting designed to deal with oversaturated colour!) Also the cotton is shiny, and suprisingly, not too splitty.

While the title is definitely in the mind of a school student, can I please have a mini rant about everyone bitching about younger people? I mean, the way people carry on about how horrible every teenager is, you'd think they would all be sex-obsessed, drug-addicted criminals. Not the case. The fact that year ten boys would rather play football than study English is perfectly healthy (a relentless moan by a former teacher no less), I mean they're boys! They like a bit of violence with their ball sports, they want to emulate heroes who are built like the proverbial shit houses, and unless you can create an activity that will drag their attention away from their sport for more than five minutes at a stretch, you will struggle. Shouting won't help. Manipulative mind games and clever tactics will. Distracted easily? yes. Criminals? I think not.

In short, let me say this. MOST teenagers are a perfectly nice, if slightly zany group of individuals, given the pressures your average adolescent has to survive before becoming a fully fledged adult probably exceeds what you had to deal with. The fact that the suicide rate is highest in year twelve boys speaks for itself. Not to mention that a shiteload of teens have to deal with dodgy backgrounds, peer pressure, and worst yet, societal pressures. Before you unload a mouthful of hate about how useless teenagers are, consider: what were the older generations saying about YOU when you were growing up? Did you stoop to societal pressures and become a layabout loser? I doubt it. The cane is not the solution, no matter how effective you claim it to be. Don't class everyone in the same group simply because you hear that some brats did '___' bad thing. *end rant*

Sorry about that guys, but seriously, this young people bashing thing sucks.


Tuesday, November 6, 2007


Hey everyone! Sorry for the delay. It is amazing how one stressed uni student (sister) can so persistently hog the net. And slow the connection down (freaking broadband should NOT EVER EVER be capped. Arg.) So that put the blog in the back seat.

First things first, I got my spindle! Word of advice? If you are thinking about going through the spindlemaker to get your spindle, I totally recommend him. ENABLER alert!

Apologies for the blurry shot, needless to say, its hard trying to take a pic of your spindle and take a photograph at the same time.

25-10-07 009

Naturally, having gone nuts using the ebay mysterious fiber, I've moved on the Corriedale (comes with free sheep smell, yum)

Look anyone who has ever wanted to shout 'look, mum!' here is my second ever handspun, see I'm getting consistent and skinnier! (this stuff is destined for the dye pot and one custom cup warmer to go thanks)

Also I went to the craft and quilt show, (is it nearly a fortnight since I last blogged? yeesh!) and not only did I manage to stay within budget (a scary enough thought in its own right) but left with a veritable armload of fat quarters and an invitation to join the bookbinders guild (I'm going to the next meeting, those people talked the talk and I really want to create my own books!)

Here is a good sample of what I bought, including Japanese fabrics! I can see why these are so sought after, so pretty! Need to think of something really nice to make from these...

25-10-07 019 - Japanese

25-10-07 020 - Teapots! Adding to my growing collection of teapot themed fabric...

25-10-07 017 25-10-07 015
25-10-07 01825-10-07 021

This seems to nicely represent a good cross section of my new fabric! Decisions are yet to be made as to what exotic things shall be made out of them..

Okay everyone, I'm knackered, after working a full day with possibly the most useless human being on the face of the planet, I'm ready to go to bed.