Sunday, November 25, 2007

Still knackered

Still procrastinating. This week, I keep promising... it would help if this work wasn't a load of pretentious crap to begin with. Arg. To be fair, I have gotten a little crafting done. And (all things actually go to plan and I stop being slack) I might even get some sewing done next weekend. MUST. GET. WORKING.... later.

YOu view the internal struggles within.

Also! Link of the day, its being making the rounds

Free Rice The site says that for every question you get right, you donate ten grains of rice. This sounds like those annoying forwarded emails you get, but the word game is fun. That and trying to get a higher score. I tell you, its the American spelling, and some of the words with slightly inaccurate counterparts that get me... or it could be sour grapes. YOU DECIDE!

Yech, back to the hard slog. Besides, how precisely do you demonstrate to complete strangers that you have '3.2 Ongoing planning and implementation are conducted to ensure that effective workplace relationships are developed and maintained.'

Complete, utter crap.



Melinda said...

Someone sent me a link to Free Rice recently and I enjoyed testing myself. I am not sure whether they really donate the rice... I guess they do?! Someone told me they do... but how would you know?

fitknit said...

Sorry work is being crudful at the moment. The wording sounds like my ids' reports...can do sometimes...can do with assistance...LOL