Sunday, July 29, 2007

Fun stuff

Hey everyone, hope you had a good weekend! Anyway I apologise for the absence of pics lately. I think I have lost some knitting mojo, which will come back with the kitchen, recipe and accessories swap (hosted by yours truly) . My hexagon blanket however is growing nicely.
I made some mandarin jam. A fellow co-worker offered a stack of fresh tiny mandarins, thanks to the fact that he has more than he needs. I like mandarins, but not a big fan of peeling tiny ones. So I made jam.
Mandarin Jam!

I think (in retrospect) that it needed a few minutes longer cooking. It's sticky, but not as clumpy together. But tastes mega yummy.I used this recipe, except I quartered the fruit then peeled them, and used the lot in one hit. Makes 2.5 smaller bottles. uh... Anyone want a bottle?

Also tried the infamous garterlac. I need to frog a section, but so far, so good. Wish me luck!

Also signed up at my second home, the opshop for Saturday shifts. They need someone from 9-1 on saturday, and me, figuring I'd be getting my hands on the best stuff, earlier, signed on. Starting in a couple of weeks, I can't wait!


Wednesday, July 25, 2007

ooh ooh! I get to be busy!

For lack of creative impetus, (I REALLY haven't been doing much.. finished another strip on my fugly hexagon granny blanket) I have been rather madly signing up for things.

Lets see, co-organiser for the embroidery round robin (on that apron I posted earlier)
organiser of a kitchen swap
and participant of a 'shop your swap' thing. Aussies only (go cheap postage!) So hopefully I'll start posting interesting things soon. mmmm knitted dishcloths.

Nothing colourful If I get enthusiastic I may even post a pic of the fugly blanket. Oh how I love that blanket. Another stashbuster, but using lots of bright orange I had in my stash. And green. ooh yeah

Saturday, July 21, 2007

proof of production

I love alliteration, don't you? In the absence of thinking (I'm still knackered from last night - went out till midnight, talked to a really interesting Croatian cab driver. Highlight was definitely the taxi driver, I just love new cultures!). However, as per little mademoiselle's request for an ipod cosy, and need of a challenge, I spent the better part of friday night playing with this one. Her request for the cosy was -
A) - that it have fuzzy things on it
B) - that if has googly eyes
C) - that it actually fit her ipod (a given really)

First - the front

ipod cosy The eyes and fuzzy things aren't where I would put them (on the flap with a maybe embroidered mouth - for a face of sorts) - but its not my cosy yada yada yada. I was kind of aiming for a seventies shagpile look.... did I succeed?

ipod cosy - reverse side

Here's the back. Those bee buttons make me smile every time I see them.

Thats all for now folks


Friday, July 20, 2007

At the end of the day...

Lordy lord lord am I tired! And what a week, from nearly getting the cold to starting to deal with the financial ramifications of the car. On the plus side, I have a car! and She's cheap to fill her up (no name yet), plus, thanks to the radio not working, I am really catching up on the audiotape thing. Dr Zhivago anyone? (I heartily do no recommend it. Its all names. I'm near the end of the last tape and I'm finally picking up a plot.

Things I've been upto? Not much really, been playing around on ravelry, trying to decide what to do with my two skeins of Noro(it's the only big brand I own, and am likely to get for some time. So Noro Noro Noro Noro Noro Noro. Much better)

On crafty things, I've nearly finished the grooviest ipod cosy yet. Its loopy, its for the sis and it will have googly eyes and weird fluffy pompoms. If she doesn't go nuts, I may well never be knitting her cozies (read: beanies) for ever again. GRRR

How is everyone else going? Ready for some serious sleeping in and walking (I need a good dose of both)


Monday, July 16, 2007

err... wow?

So this weekend went in an absolute blur, but it was a blur doing things I love - ie sewing. Now Maestro I ain't, but I managed to start and finish an apron. I discovered the magazine 'adorn' the other day - the buttons grabbed me. What a freaking awesome magazine! I wanted to make a skirt too (with appliqué pockets!) but sadly the op-shop fabric I bought was covered with paint. Who uses fabric as a drop sheet for crying out loud?

Anyway -
My new apron!

I added the pockets. Just the right size for crafty things! I'm planning to send this in the upcoming 'Jolly swagman tea towel tour' (working title lol), basically a chosen item gets sent around Australia and everyone embroiders a little insignia representing themselves. Postcards will also be sent - nice to know where your package has been!

Funny thing also happened this weekend, I was contacted, out of the blue, but not one, but four people from my past. Sadly for all four people, I wished they'd stay there. The one I wish to winge about - the ex - should be a firm reminder why you should avoid marijuana - or maybe even just this guy - really. Broke up four years ago - I have since moved onto bigger and better things (car, job, singledom - I love it all) and he sits and stews. He refuses to help himself, makes excuses for everything, and wonders why he is lonely. Yeesh. After his long winded wankery excuse for a conversation/wankery/apology for I know not what for something that happened in the relationship (FOUR YEARS AGO) he wants to know what I'm doing that day. me = errands. He wants to join. Misery loves company and I can't get past the fact that this guy has been the same for four years. Self pitying, jealous of other's success, and always excuses about why he can't help himself. Let it be said I have no time for people like these. Which also puts one other of the people from the past in this category. Doesn't like where life is now - but refuses to look at the bright side of life and make a change. Endless tafe courses that lead to a 'get rich quick' don't count. Arg

End rant. Sorry

Let me leave you with this wonderful pincushion Cheryl from the embroidery group sent me. I've yet to send hers, but check the Silk Ribbon Embroidery! I am in awe!

Pincushion from Cheryl


Thursday, July 12, 2007

All the things I promised and more!

Last post I got too distracted by Ravelry (which is soo much fun except I can never find the favourites button when I want it. ARG) That I didn't upload photos. But I have uploaded photos. Expect a photo-tastic blog post!

First things first.. Happy Birthday to my sister from Monday, I turned up at her place, and even made her a card! Yes it was a student free day and I did happen to discover the label maker (if that thing ever gets retired, I'm stealing it. No-one uses it anymore and it is just too much damn fun!)

birthday card

My car! This baby was so worth all the panic and paperwork!
My car!!!
Seriously, I got home early today and went for a walk! I'm exercising! I'm transporting! I'm one happy chappy!

Finally, all these lacy coathangers are from my recently deceased Grandmother, The yellow and lime one is my favourite.
knitted coat hangers 04knitted coat hangers 03knitted coat hangers 02knitted coat hangers 01

This is the kind of coathanger I wish to make. If I had the resources. Having said that I'm trying to knit with lace, either my tension is off the planet (possibility) but has anyone else had a nightmare of a time trying to knit with knitting lace? Oh well, if at first you don't succeed lol...

Anyway thats all folks

oh and thank you SO much to everyone who has been commenting lately! You've been so supportive and wonderful!!


Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Too much newness

I am seriously drowning in newness here. First and foremostly, I now officially have a car! Photo tomorrow, (needs uploading). The one thing I never realised about buying cars till today, that if you are under 25, CTP (comprehensive third party) insurers love you, and that buying a car in general means haemorrhaging money for the next month and a half. YIKES! But yay! I got a car!

Also I got my invite to ravelry!And if it weren't for my slow internet... I'd be having more fun, more quickly. But oh, the funness

Very quick, very fun update!


Thursday, July 5, 2007

Sew sew sew your boat...

He he cute title, no? Well in my crafty bliss I've been sewing a pattern, and I've even had the courage to deviate from the pattern in parts (no lining for example) and finding flaws in other parts (more on that... later)
(cute, no? I especially like the puffy sleeves - my arm is behind my back because I am pretending that the yet-to-be zip is in place)

shirt shot 2

In other fun and excitement, on tuesday I went rollerblading with the sis and had a blast, watching her whiz lap me whilst I plodded along. I plod well, except when I'm my butt, then I'm trying not to say nasty subversive things. Two days on and I'm still feeling twinges - exercise twinges.

Also, A bank has decided to give me a loan, to get a car, which they have also found me . I am feeling a little too grown up right now. This is totally and utterly exciting, whilst being a HUGE learning curve. Where did all these costs come from?

Monday, July 2, 2007

I love holidays because...

I have been totally and utterly crafty these holidays! Not laying on my arse feeling sorry for myself? I'm as freaked as you are. Sheesh! I have been hitting the instant gratification projects as well, which makes me feel one part home-y (as in 'lace pillowcases!' versus 'yo yo protentious arseholes with bad literacy!'). Instant gratification plus home-y (ooh! Lace!) equals knitted coathangers! Seriously what could be less commitment phobic than knitted coathangers.
knitted coat hanger - overview
Lately I've had the urge to create stuff that every home needs but can't really buy in woollies. Fitnit (she's a Gold Coaster as well!) Put me onto a good thing with the patons big book of small things - with my first ever lace project! (future lace project.

So for all friends and family, expect an onslaught of these in the coming months. Especially once you get the hang of covering them with fiberfill... you draught like spinning, which can only be a useful skill... eventually.

close up - pillowcaseclose up - embroidery
Also in the spirit of all things homely - I made a pillowcase! Which I haven't actually tried on a pillow yet - still has the potential to be a disaster, but the cool things is that I used french seams (in the Merde! Sense of the word...) and I'm doing some embroidery using transfers, which I'm thoroughly enjoying..

anyway not sure about you guys, but I'm freezing my extremities off!


p.s. In every sense of the word... I LOVE holidays!