Thursday, July 12, 2007

All the things I promised and more!

Last post I got too distracted by Ravelry (which is soo much fun except I can never find the favourites button when I want it. ARG) That I didn't upload photos. But I have uploaded photos. Expect a photo-tastic blog post!

First things first.. Happy Birthday to my sister from Monday, I turned up at her place, and even made her a card! Yes it was a student free day and I did happen to discover the label maker (if that thing ever gets retired, I'm stealing it. No-one uses it anymore and it is just too much damn fun!)

birthday card

My car! This baby was so worth all the panic and paperwork!
My car!!!
Seriously, I got home early today and went for a walk! I'm exercising! I'm transporting! I'm one happy chappy!

Finally, all these lacy coathangers are from my recently deceased Grandmother, The yellow and lime one is my favourite.
knitted coat hangers 04knitted coat hangers 03knitted coat hangers 02knitted coat hangers 01

This is the kind of coathanger I wish to make. If I had the resources. Having said that I'm trying to knit with lace, either my tension is off the planet (possibility) but has anyone else had a nightmare of a time trying to knit with knitting lace? Oh well, if at first you don't succeed lol...

Anyway thats all folks

oh and thank you SO much to everyone who has been commenting lately! You've been so supportive and wonderful!!


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