Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Too much newness

I am seriously drowning in newness here. First and foremostly, I now officially have a car! Photo tomorrow, (needs uploading). The one thing I never realised about buying cars till today, that if you are under 25, CTP (comprehensive third party) insurers love you, and that buying a car in general means haemorrhaging money for the next month and a half. YIKES! But yay! I got a car!

Also I got my invite to ravelry!And if it weren't for my slow internet... I'd be having more fun, more quickly. But oh, the funness

Very quick, very fun update!



ikkinlala said...

Congratulations on your new car!

catsmum said...

poverty is owning a car [ or a horse ] :]

Hayles (aka H-Bomb) said...

i still think you should call your car kitty.

p.s. sting me when you're on msn next so you can flick me the 21st pix!!

... also... would you mind if i borrowed your camera for my melbourne weekend in august?

visit soon xoxo