Thursday, July 5, 2007

Sew sew sew your boat...

He he cute title, no? Well in my crafty bliss I've been sewing a pattern, and I've even had the courage to deviate from the pattern in parts (no lining for example) and finding flaws in other parts (more on that... later)
(cute, no? I especially like the puffy sleeves - my arm is behind my back because I am pretending that the yet-to-be zip is in place)

shirt shot 2

In other fun and excitement, on tuesday I went rollerblading with the sis and had a blast, watching her whiz lap me whilst I plodded along. I plod well, except when I'm my butt, then I'm trying not to say nasty subversive things. Two days on and I'm still feeling twinges - exercise twinges.

Also, A bank has decided to give me a loan, to get a car, which they have also found me . I am feeling a little too grown up right now. This is totally and utterly exciting, whilst being a HUGE learning curve. Where did all these costs come from?


Hayles (aka H-Bomb) said...

Excuse me I blogged.

hey matey, cute puffy sleeves thing. I too am sore.

But keenly awaiting yout arrival tonight. bring le camera and we will go cray to the zee.

yeah its nearly 2am and i'm still not in bed....... mreh
love you

Ali J said...

I absolutely LOVE your top!!! I'm jealous... the colours and the shape are amazing. You look fabulous!