Sunday, November 9, 2008

Hardy and co.

Hey everyone! Hope you are well!

I'm trying to make an effort to post more often (doing this between cleaning atm). Thought I'd drop a line.

I received my package from the lovely srthnx for the No Sheep for you swap in Ravelry. Among the lovely things I received, I got a Quant head band (can't be bothered linking, look in knitty). 26-10-08 010 Check this bag, all done up with snaps! 26-10-08 007

And stitch markers and chocolate. My partner is a lovely reminder of why I love to do swaps, I would never have picked to use sari yarn for me or anyone (yet I have three skeins in the stash... hmm) but my headband has already gotten loads of compliment and I'm hanging out for a chance to show off the clutch...the chocolates also went down a treat after a long day. What's not to love?

Also sending (and hopefully receiving) a tacky ornament in the tacky ornament swap in the Lazy, Stupid and Godless board in Ravelry. Will show as soon as I finish/receive something.

Meet my brand new pal, Hardy. I needed a (tax deductible WOO!) hard drive, mainly so I could move my pictures and start backing up my uni things. This 640 gig monster the biggest USB I've EVER had lol.



Tuesday, November 4, 2008

This post brought to you by...


This is jelly I made from scratch (well, I didn't make my own gelatin, but aside from that...) from a 1950s recipe ages ago. Adding berries made it eating an experience that could only be described as ethereal.

I'm posting a picture of jelly for the following reasons:
1 - I have been making swap things and dodgy spinning, ergo - nothing to report
2 - Don't you just love my messy desktop?
3 - between uni and applying for jobs, I have honestly been too flat out to give a toss about much else.


Employers: Please employ me and pay me lots of money. I am friendly and nice and I'm over job hunting. Really.