Sunday, November 9, 2008

Hardy and co.

Hey everyone! Hope you are well!

I'm trying to make an effort to post more often (doing this between cleaning atm). Thought I'd drop a line.

I received my package from the lovely srthnx for the No Sheep for you swap in Ravelry. Among the lovely things I received, I got a Quant head band (can't be bothered linking, look in knitty). 26-10-08 010 Check this bag, all done up with snaps! 26-10-08 007

And stitch markers and chocolate. My partner is a lovely reminder of why I love to do swaps, I would never have picked to use sari yarn for me or anyone (yet I have three skeins in the stash... hmm) but my headband has already gotten loads of compliment and I'm hanging out for a chance to show off the clutch...the chocolates also went down a treat after a long day. What's not to love?

Also sending (and hopefully receiving) a tacky ornament in the tacky ornament swap in the Lazy, Stupid and Godless board in Ravelry. Will show as soon as I finish/receive something.

Meet my brand new pal, Hardy. I needed a (tax deductible WOO!) hard drive, mainly so I could move my pictures and start backing up my uni things. This 640 gig monster the biggest USB I've EVER had lol.



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