Saturday, December 13, 2008

I can haz shawl?

Apologies for not posting in over a month. Pure laziness on my part. Between finishing uni for the year (YAY!) to looking for a new job (not yay!) to spinning something that looks remarkably close to 5ply, and I'm calling it my first laceweight (Yay again!), I've just felt to slack to post.

That said, this shawl keeps looking me in the eye, and begging me for a few moments of glory.

Firstly: Blocking
Blocking shawl

This thing took up the whole of the teensy laundry space, so no room for stretching.

26-11-08 003

Cute stitch no?

26-11-08 004


26-11-08 009
26-11-08 013

Action shots!

Ttfn, got to get back to packing boxes. *sigh* the joys of moving!



n_for_neek said...

Ooh love the colour, looks yummy! :D

Taphophile said...

Lovely shawl; pretty and not pretentious. Good luck with the move.