Monday, December 10, 2007


Two bits of news has resulted in the above title.
Firstly. I finished everything. Now it is in the unmentionable bureacratic people's hands.

Secondly, I have just received emails from the two lovely yarn shops I didn't mention make it your own (who has an ad in yarn mag) who have both sent my various woolly packages my way. So in a couple of days time... I will be sneaking fiber into the house (SO worth it lol)

Pictures when everything arrives. How exciting!!!


Sunday, December 9, 2007

so close I can taste it

Everyone, I'm on the finishing streak...just a couple more hours of spouting words like I know what I'm saying, then sending the blasted thing in. Which is good, because the spinning fairy has been chatting to me, and she has a seductive voice and she smells like sheep.

I've also been spending big, mostly for my swap partner, but then... temptation strikes and I inevitably buy a wee something for myself too... Take Ewe Give Me The Knits. Wonderful store, and within twenty minutes of looking around I placed an order...lots of roving my way (hence the need to spin the stuff I have!).

Beginning to wind up my stuff for the tea cosy swap as well.. it's mainly finishing details now, plus some sewing. Then the postal orders to arrive, and one swap partner will (hopefully) be very very happy.

Can't wait for holidays!!! Starting this friday, some sleeping in, spinning and general abrogation of 'adult' status type authority. Squee!!!!


p.s. No photos this week. My internet connection has it out for me, with the slow download and periodic stopping. For no apparent reason. ARG!

Monday, December 3, 2007

Nearly there...

Hey everyone, another week, another abandoned blog. I'm nearly there, three RPLs (Recognition of Prior Learning) saying the same thing over and over (ARG! How can people write these for a living and NOT injure innocent bystanders?) and Two assignments (one almost done) to go.

And dodgy internet. Another ARG if you will.

But I'm nearly there... and next weekend, I will be FREEE!!!!!!!! Hopefully I will attempt to upload photos throughout this week as well....

Take care, remember vouchers are equally good substitute for gifts, and eat your greens (and take your own advice.. arg)


p.s Thank you for the supportive comments, works a treat to make a gal feel better...

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Still knackered

Still procrastinating. This week, I keep promising... it would help if this work wasn't a load of pretentious crap to begin with. Arg. To be fair, I have gotten a little crafting done. And (all things actually go to plan and I stop being slack) I might even get some sewing done next weekend. MUST. GET. WORKING.... later.

YOu view the internal struggles within.

Also! Link of the day, its being making the rounds

Free Rice The site says that for every question you get right, you donate ten grains of rice. This sounds like those annoying forwarded emails you get, but the word game is fun. That and trying to get a higher score. I tell you, its the American spelling, and some of the words with slightly inaccurate counterparts that get me... or it could be sour grapes. YOU DECIDE!

Yech, back to the hard slog. Besides, how precisely do you demonstrate to complete strangers that you have '3.2 Ongoing planning and implementation are conducted to ensure that effective workplace relationships are developed and maintained.'

Complete, utter crap.


Sunday, November 18, 2007

I meant to do my work today...

Arg! Sorry about lack of posts, I've been desperately trying to finish off some bureaucratic crud asap. Sadly, the internet, and an extreme reluctance to finish the blasted stuff (innate stubbornness NOT helping!) has resulted in some pretty fun exploration of the internet. (blame etsy, ravelry and bloglines respectively). So the perfect tribute? This poem! (The first line, is, as far as I know, also the title. Very nifty!)

I meant to do my work today -
But a brown bird sang in the apple tree,
And a butterfly flitted across the field,
And all the leaves were calling me.

And the wind went signing over the land
Tossing the grasses to and fro,
And a rainbow held out its shining hand -
So what else could I do but laugh and go?

Richard Le Galliene

adios for now!

p.s. I went to a shindig up in the Q1 (also known as the Gold Coast's largest Phallic symbol) and took a stack of photos, that actually worked, you can see schoolies partying on the beach and everything! But later, always later!

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Sorry miss, my wrists are sore

Your wrists would be sore too if startitis (and a less than healthy serving of nerves) got your butt working on the ribbed cardigan from Jo Sharp's latest book. 214 stitches on circulars, 7.5 cms of knitting, 3.25 mm needle, thats a lot of stitches (now being used as reward knitting so I may have more incentive to complete my tea cosy swap items)
oversaturated shirt shot12-11-07 022

Couldn't help but chuck in a couple of shots, dare I say they would have been loads better if I had been bothered to takes pics in daylight. I must confess I'm easily amused by the oversaturation (that led to frustration that led to the discovery of the 'snow shot' setting... perfect! A camera setting designed to deal with oversaturated colour!) Also the cotton is shiny, and suprisingly, not too splitty.

While the title is definitely in the mind of a school student, can I please have a mini rant about everyone bitching about younger people? I mean, the way people carry on about how horrible every teenager is, you'd think they would all be sex-obsessed, drug-addicted criminals. Not the case. The fact that year ten boys would rather play football than study English is perfectly healthy (a relentless moan by a former teacher no less), I mean they're boys! They like a bit of violence with their ball sports, they want to emulate heroes who are built like the proverbial shit houses, and unless you can create an activity that will drag their attention away from their sport for more than five minutes at a stretch, you will struggle. Shouting won't help. Manipulative mind games and clever tactics will. Distracted easily? yes. Criminals? I think not.

In short, let me say this. MOST teenagers are a perfectly nice, if slightly zany group of individuals, given the pressures your average adolescent has to survive before becoming a fully fledged adult probably exceeds what you had to deal with. The fact that the suicide rate is highest in year twelve boys speaks for itself. Not to mention that a shiteload of teens have to deal with dodgy backgrounds, peer pressure, and worst yet, societal pressures. Before you unload a mouthful of hate about how useless teenagers are, consider: what were the older generations saying about YOU when you were growing up? Did you stoop to societal pressures and become a layabout loser? I doubt it. The cane is not the solution, no matter how effective you claim it to be. Don't class everyone in the same group simply because you hear that some brats did '___' bad thing. *end rant*

Sorry about that guys, but seriously, this young people bashing thing sucks.


Tuesday, November 6, 2007


Hey everyone! Sorry for the delay. It is amazing how one stressed uni student (sister) can so persistently hog the net. And slow the connection down (freaking broadband should NOT EVER EVER be capped. Arg.) So that put the blog in the back seat.

First things first, I got my spindle! Word of advice? If you are thinking about going through the spindlemaker to get your spindle, I totally recommend him. ENABLER alert!

Apologies for the blurry shot, needless to say, its hard trying to take a pic of your spindle and take a photograph at the same time.

25-10-07 009

Naturally, having gone nuts using the ebay mysterious fiber, I've moved on the Corriedale (comes with free sheep smell, yum)

Look anyone who has ever wanted to shout 'look, mum!' here is my second ever handspun, see I'm getting consistent and skinnier! (this stuff is destined for the dye pot and one custom cup warmer to go thanks)

Also I went to the craft and quilt show, (is it nearly a fortnight since I last blogged? yeesh!) and not only did I manage to stay within budget (a scary enough thought in its own right) but left with a veritable armload of fat quarters and an invitation to join the bookbinders guild (I'm going to the next meeting, those people talked the talk and I really want to create my own books!)

Here is a good sample of what I bought, including Japanese fabrics! I can see why these are so sought after, so pretty! Need to think of something really nice to make from these...

25-10-07 019 - Japanese

25-10-07 020 - Teapots! Adding to my growing collection of teapot themed fabric...

25-10-07 017 25-10-07 015
25-10-07 01825-10-07 021

This seems to nicely represent a good cross section of my new fabric! Decisions are yet to be made as to what exotic things shall be made out of them..

Okay everyone, I'm knackered, after working a full day with possibly the most useless human being on the face of the planet, I'm ready to go to bed.


Sunday, October 28, 2007

Because life was never meant to make sense... teapot.

Okay I have been ripping and reripping a teacosy for my partner in the tea cosy swap who shall remain anon. However to help the person who is making lovely things for me, well

Teapot comparison

I didn't actually buy these for comparison, I was cooking, but damn that chocolate looks tasty. :D


Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Freely flowing FO's.

Or one, but did I get you hooked? Did I? huh? huh? Okay I actually have one finished object, and that's been my tv crochet/stash-busting for the past few months. Anyway its an oversized granny square and the plan was to make it huge for yours truly. Well my conscience got in the way when I heard that my grandfather with Alzheimers disease kind of needed something that size.

granny square blanket

Actually this photo is when its nearly done, but you get an idea of the size, about 1 metre squared. Oh and just because, I wanted picots. I mean haven't you ever just wanted picots?

granny square blanket - closeup

And just for laughs, trying to chain stitch said grandfather's name onto the blanket. Double points if you get his name right. lol.
Granny square blanket

Anyway hopefully tomorrow I will get a teacosy picture up.

So for now... adios!

Thursday, October 18, 2007

My post for the week

Sorry everyone, at the moment I seem to be averaging about one post a week, mainly because I am so damn TIRED. Arg, anyway, in the crafting realms, my mind has mainly been on sewing clothes, I've suddenly got a huge urge to make pleats and light dresses. For a long time, I've also always wanted a tie skirt. and while the blasted thing has taken me seemingly forever (unpicking about 13 ties happens to be not nearly as exciting as it sounds) a few measuring and hemming mishaps, I present: The tie skirt, lovingly modelled by my dress-form. 6-10-07 004 I must confess, the skirt isn't QUITE complete, with having to hem (read: hemming tape and a nice hot iron) to keep the raw edges at bay. A bit shorter that I'd like it to be (just above knee height) but I like the colours, lots of deep blue with just a random red tie to keep things interesting. It also meets my one criteria for a skirt - its swishy, if it swishes, its a definite part of the wardrobe. Also I have enough basted tie remnants to make a matching bag.... eventually.

All in all, another opshop success!

Tomorrow, I'm planning a nice photo session of the current WIPS (That I'm admitting) and a blanket for my grandfather. (mmm granny squares!)


Sunday, October 7, 2007

Bag lady

Hey everyone! Having just been on school holidays (an earnt perk) I was all psyched to post a thousand things and... nothing, I slept, caught up with friends and more sleeping, discovered a book exchange, and stocked up (read: hoarded) enough fabric supplies to keep me going for a while. :D

I do want to show the new love of my life though, undoubtedly the best anything I've made to day, and its a McCalls pattern, and took me the better part of 24 hours to do, but I do so love it!

Awesome knitting bag

Ooh! so roomy!

More pockets inside awesome bag!
Inside awesome bag
zip without fuss!

The best part of this bag to prove that I'm chea- 'environmentally conscious' is the fact that everything (bar the pattern) is made from thrifted materials! Total cost (again barring the pattern) $9! With enough fabric to make other things!

So nice to finally post this thing! This post alone has been in draft for about a week... slack, tired, all of the above, arg.


Thursday, September 27, 2007

This blog proudly brought to you by...

Fluffy thing on a stick. This happens to be my favourite thing at present, because it makes EVERYONE happy! Fluffy thing on a stick should really be called 'feathers on a stick' but lacks the same appeal. My cat seems to be enamoured with this item, and I can testify that simply someone waving the thing gives you an insane urge to bat the thing around.

Now onto other exciting things, namely BOXERS! See, I have a love affair with fat quarters, those cheap bits of fabric with patterns that would be far too costly to buy by the metre. This idea has been gestating in my head for a while so it was the best fun carrying it out. In the end I hacked down the waistline to something more 'me appropriate'.
26-09-07 014 Cats on front (even the patterns are the right way! w00t!)

26-09-07 024

On the back.. flamingos!!!! There is something about flamingos that just crack me up. Surely they seem like nature's idea of a good laugh? Especially in fabric form lol.

I absolutely love these! Except for where I underestimated the length (needs to be about 10cm longer) They are insanely comfy, and the sis may yet request a some for Christmas.


Thursday, September 20, 2007

You spin me right round baby

Another tale of excitement from the weekend (it was a VERY good weekend). I learnt to spin from the lovely Karen. She had some raw sheep (mmm sheep smell) and started me off with a newly requisition wire coathanger and some fleece she had. Learning about tension, staple length and everything was quite an experience... but so fun! Anyway here are some pics..
slightly less artsy shot of first ever yarn
artsy shot of first yarn - artsy shot, it was originally a mistake, but the more I look at the fibres, the more I love it.

Here are a couple of supplies Karen sold me (thank heavens for the spinner's guild!!)
silk cap I'm practising so I can spin this nice and finely, I just love the colour. I'm also considering buying a spindle from this guy, as I'd like to have a nice fancy spindle to spin nice stuff on. Did I mention that I'm hooked? I love the challenge, and I've suprised myself with how much I love the deep, musky sheep smell.
pure Corriedale wool - See? Sheepy crimps and everything!

There is a new Stitch'n'bitch that has rather coughing into existence on Ravelry. Called the knittee committee, there have been a couple of meetings, and still trying to find a location that is good for everyone. Clearly its not on the Coast. The next one looks to be at threads and more in Sherwood...if I can get there and NOT get lost. (big IF people) also, this happens to be this yarn store (with not terribly well informed people so I hear), on the holidays. What are the chances that I'll leave with money? Not terribly good stakes sadly.

Anyway, adios for now, and Viva la School Holidays! Sleep in! Not deal with rampant teenagers for two weeks! Whoop!


Sunday, September 16, 2007

Be my dummy, dummy!

I'm knackered. It has been a really fun weekend, but all this exercise (read: walking) and cleaning and reorganising has me bushed.

So for the general amusement of everyone, I wish to show off a few things. Firstly, my new dressmaker's doll! I've not configured her to my measurements, mainly due to the fact that I don't really want to measure myself. That said, I have this insane urge to take her to a bbq and make silly cracks like 'don't offer her another drink love, she's legless as it is!' or 'She can't hurt you, she's 'armless!'.
my new dressmaker's dummy!16-09-07 009
See? Everything is looking good! Once I get some more bookshelves there will be more space. The downside is that I can see at a glance that I have too much yarn. Rats.

Anyway, happy 100th post to me! I can't believe I'm still posting (and boring countless invisible friends) bored silly!

Night for now,


p.s Ravelry people, get thee to the discussion titled 'pet peektures' and prepare to go 'awwwwe'. Really, true cuteness. :D

Friday, September 7, 2007

imposed hiatus

Hey everyone, sorry for being rather... absent. I've been procrastinating, which when things start biting you on the bum, is really not as fun as it sounds. Also my internet has run out of download speed, which makes this thing slower than any dial-up going. However, looking at the bright side of life is the way to do things these days (and MUCH more understandable that 'rap music' whatever it may be. :P

So without more procrastination (you'd think I'd learn, ARG) quite a few things have happened last week. Let the timeline begin.

Friday - public holiday, I baked. Triple choc muffins and ANZAC slice. They were gifted to my sis and her flatmate, where I hear they are being enjoyed *enter ego boost here*.
triple choc muffins,

Wednesday, I picked up a package from the post office, voila! One swap package!

received from auntiem
washcloth!!!white washcloth!
Check this apron, fabric from my wists, is it not the cutest fabric ever???? Apologies for the shot, I'd just gotten home from work and looked/felt like a frump. A very tired frump at that.
sweetest pea apronsweetest pea fabric

anyway enough for now...



Sunday, September 2, 2007


I must confess I've been rather lax in the crafty department as of late. I'm recovering from post-postal-syndrome - the shock you receive when you find out it is going to cost you $40 to send a package to the US. On the bright side, I should be receiving a package from the US, which will mean LOLLIES! And totally cool crafted stuff. Never forget the totally cool crafted stuff.

As for the weekend that just went, I went to a family friend's place for a truly AWESOME Riverfest. For those not in the know, Riverfest is basically a one night celebration where the river is celebrated for the important role in play's in Brisbane. Known for some pretty awesome fireworks and the spectacular fly overs/fuel dumps by the F111s - Airforce planes making a big orange streak across the sky as they burn some serious petrol. Now THATS tax payer funded fun!

Had a beautiful breakfast with my sister and my mum this morning at some lovely cafe in West End, Brisbane, and have come to a decision. In the interests of curing 'the University Blues' I am going to start sending random fun things to the sis (she never reads the blog, so its all a suprise). But my question to you lovely invisibles out there.... What can I send relatively cheaply, that would make a stressed person's day? Think about when you were in Uni/TAFE/Educational institution of choice, what would have REALLY made your day????


Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Funniest thing ever

For fiber lovers...How to shear a cat. My ribs are still sore from reading this.


Saturday, August 25, 2007

Would a rose by any other name smell as sweet?

One wonders, that said, would you really trust a plant called 'ickleberry'? Methinks not. Anyway, the rose thing comes up because I want to brag endlessly about the rose I embroidered for jane_feebles. She wanted me to keep it a suprise, but because I am 99.999(recurring)% sure that she won't come here on purpose, here it is!

embroidered rose It is a sublime stitching iron on transfer (those things are wonderful!)

And for some more proudness... here is the back.. see, it looks neat!

Back of embroidered rose

word of the week : ergo.

adios lol

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Beautiful things

Hey everyone! Hope you are well...I see the rain clearing, and I tell you, I just want to keep it here! Instant 5 year old, just take away rain.

Just found some stuff that is definitely on a 'need to share' basis.

First things first. Human tetris. Tetris with humans. Its not what I expected.
Here Courtesy of Crumpart - I don't have sound on my computer, I can only imagine how funny this clip is with sound.

Secondly, onto the beautiful section of the segment.

Is this not the most breathtaking quilt ever? (note, picture is linked and SHOULD take you directly to Allie's in Stitches - Allie being the incredibly talented person who created this piece. Hopefully I've hyperlinked this baby to give due recognition/admiration.

Have a good one everyone!

Monday, August 20, 2007

The race is on...

To get my swap items finished... I'm about halfway through my first quilting project every, and my machine just up and died. Rats. Cleaning doesn't seem to fix it, kind words don't seem to fix it, playing with all the bits and pieces until I'm well and truly OVER playing with bits and pieces. ARG!!!! Two things (three if you counted a cushion cover which was borderline being shelved anyway. Oh and I made bias binding with my clover tooly thing that makes bias binding. Nothing makes your ego float than something doing what it is supposed to be doing without complaint. Take note sewing machine...

Anyway, I hope everyone is enjoying this rain (I love rain, except for driving in it... and with 4wds on the road. I'm sorry, but I loathe 4wds, and thinking about how much they pay to fill up at the bowser doesn't make it much better either. Much hehe)

Anyway that's all for one night. Aside from the sewing machine thing... I have a swap package!!!


Thursday, August 16, 2007

Clarence the postman gets stalked

What a busy couple of days it has been! Yesterday I went for some professional development (which can be a perk or a pain, depending on the food) and learnt some interesting things, one of the coolest being that the motivational speaker, (hilarious woman, cracked everyone up) was the voice of Blinky Bill! The fact that I still know all the words to the Blinky Bill song is clearly testament to the fact that I never, in fact, grew up.

Then there was today, which, while I was doing lots of running around (good) some rather misguided people decided to emblazon the school with some... considerably tasteless decoration. But the important thing was that I was running around, feeling important, emboldened by my tea. Got home, having done a good day's work, and found this in the mail, sent by the wonderful Craft and Chaos
Fused glass pendant
Lovliest package from Lyndsay

Check the fused glass pendant! She actually MADE that which is *trying to find right adjective involving, clever and cool*. See the bookmark? Hand embroidered and WAY better than using receipts / leaving the book flat on its face. The book and postcard are two little extras which she put in for fun. Clockwork Orange fits in perfectly with my goal to read a stack of classics. (consider: an arts degree without the HECs and assignments).

I have also been rather creative. Last weekend, my first shift volunteering at the opshop I SO love to frequent, I found these utterly adorable cocktail napkins and glass base cosy set thing. (You slip these things on the bottom of your wineglass, and its like a coaster that goes with you). Because these would ultimately wing their way to the US, and given that the whole point of the swap was handmade stuff, I attempted some SRE (silk ribbon embroidery) on the corners of the cocktail napkins. For a first timer, I quite like them, so cross fingers she does too..
Attempted close up of SRESilk Ribbon Embroidery (note those cute little flowers were done by someone else's machine, the roses? All mine.) I got the tute for the SRE roses way back in the archives on here,

basically just winged it. I'm hoping to have as many craft things as cooking books. Does anyone else have an addiction to cooking magazines? For some reason I do, despite the fact that I'm usually too tired at the end of the day to actually make something.

Last but not least (sorry people with slow internet connections!) I thought I'd have a light, easy project that would also be a stashbuster. Meet Granny Squared!
Granny square blanket I used ALL my bulky yarn for this, figured that 9mm would be a good middle sized hook, and just went for it. Actually I've done a heap more since this picture (this afternoon!) and if I finish it, it will be a blanket done in just under a week. SWEET!

Also I found this stashbusting game on the crochetville forum. The rules (from what I understand) are thus: Every skein used, +2 points, every ball +1. For every skein bought, -2points, every ball bought, received or inherited -1. I think you start off with -how many skeins/balls you have in your stash. The reward? no stash so you may fill 'er up again! Although this was used on a crochet forum, I'd be interested to see what all crafty peeps can do with their excess supplies (like excess supplies is ever a bad thing! It just means you'll never be bored!)

anyway that is indeed all for now (what a post!)


Monday, August 13, 2007


Want a sense of the world's impending doom? Check out this link! Go to the NOW section and find out how many people are getting born and dying this very minute!

Just had to share :D

Saturday, August 11, 2007


As the usual, I can't think of anything remotely intelligent to title the latest blog post, and I would have posted sooner if the broadband hadn't been as embarrassingly slow as it has in the last week. I have however, finally uploaded pics to share

garterlac detailed shot

Revel in my garterlac-ness! Actually I've yet to use it, but I tell you know, this baby is SOFT!

Now this is a wee swap spoiler but I have two of these for my wonderful swap partner. just a simple washcloth cotton square (30st x whatever looks good)


Other news, I am entering the gold coast show! I may well be the only person turning up, and I am entering the pincushion section. It looks like a low commitment project, and I would love to start entering shows, for fun. Oh and if I win the Gold Coast Show, I might put my winnings (all $8 of it) into something worthy, like yarn, :D


Sunday, August 5, 2007

So long and thanks for all the fish

Apologies, couldn't think of a better title, and for some reason that song popped into my head. I've been busy, and I've taken photos, I've just not had time to upload said pics. Firstly, I thought I could learn some new skills, so I tried the garterlac washcloth from here using Anchor Magicline, which at $2 for a 50gm ball makes me not entirely sure if I have had value for money.. but anyway, now that I can entrelac, I'm ready for anything!

Which moves me onto my next point. My weekend, was, despite promises, not as social as I'd hoped. Never fear, I got the swap partners up and running for the Kitchen, recipe and accessories swap. A hint, never assing swap partners before breakfast, although I suspect I am not alone in my mistakes. Between sending people their own information, to sending people information to which they didn't need (err.. whoops) to assigning someone (and this is my big mistake) someone with a cat allergy to someone who doesn't have a cat allergy. Never fear though, now the inboxes are safe to roam, I can't help but eye this swap off. Seriusly, sign now until August twentieth and send out earlier october. All swap obligations should/will be finished by then, and I like tea... eeny meeny minie moe... arg

Now to the brainstorming.. I've had some fun ideas for this swap, and in my mind, I'm two projects down. The unfortunate side effect is that now I really want to knit a hallowig, which might be cute until we are talking a 70's theme here. Even in 70's colours, is a hallowig 'in with the theme'? I wish to know... alas. 3

adios for now...

Thursday, August 2, 2007


Sorry I've not been terrible postworthy as of late. Firstly, I'm tired, and I have no idea why. Secondly, I've been doing more driving that crafting, which both sucks and is sad, and thirdly, who knew this swap thing could be so much work?

This week has not been my best. Hence the (rather appropriate) title. Why?
- Had a wee accident, on friday, in peak hour traffic. I've not been in an accident before, much less one where I was the guilty party.
- Not having been in an accident before, and being rather shaken (not stirred)it took a rather reassuring phone call from the insurance agency to realise that I should have received her details as well as forking over mine. The hour of the fool. Arg
- various small things throughout the week, that although minor, are annoying. But they add up.
- Not hearing from said accident victim for five days and then getting a hand delivered letter in the mail, with an insane repair bill and a kind reminder to get going or face the wrong end of a solicitor. Shaken, stirred, twisted, befuddled. All of the above.

On the bright side of life
- I never thought I would say this, but my insurance agency was fantastic, made light conversation even though I was rattled, and reassured me that I wasn't paying for the girl's repairs. Plus the guy who inspected my car for damage was wonderful (I secretly suspected that he liked me, I mean me = damsel in distress, him = manly man, giving kind placating words, ego boost for all involved.)
- I'm starting my volunteering at the op shop next saturday, and I REALLY can't wait. I think it will be super fun. Walking distance from home, people I click with, plus conscience is clear for another week, (cheaper than church, and more accommodating)

Anyway, I have been making progress on the garterlac washcloth. Pics this weekend.

And to leave you, a definition from my favourite king of all things sarcastic Ambrose Bierce and his 'Devil's Dictionary'

Dictionary - a malevolent literary device for cramping the growth of a language and making it hard and inelastic.


Sunday, July 29, 2007

Fun stuff

Hey everyone, hope you had a good weekend! Anyway I apologise for the absence of pics lately. I think I have lost some knitting mojo, which will come back with the kitchen, recipe and accessories swap (hosted by yours truly) . My hexagon blanket however is growing nicely.
I made some mandarin jam. A fellow co-worker offered a stack of fresh tiny mandarins, thanks to the fact that he has more than he needs. I like mandarins, but not a big fan of peeling tiny ones. So I made jam.
Mandarin Jam!

I think (in retrospect) that it needed a few minutes longer cooking. It's sticky, but not as clumpy together. But tastes mega yummy.I used this recipe, except I quartered the fruit then peeled them, and used the lot in one hit. Makes 2.5 smaller bottles. uh... Anyone want a bottle?

Also tried the infamous garterlac. I need to frog a section, but so far, so good. Wish me luck!

Also signed up at my second home, the opshop for Saturday shifts. They need someone from 9-1 on saturday, and me, figuring I'd be getting my hands on the best stuff, earlier, signed on. Starting in a couple of weeks, I can't wait!


Wednesday, July 25, 2007

ooh ooh! I get to be busy!

For lack of creative impetus, (I REALLY haven't been doing much.. finished another strip on my fugly hexagon granny blanket) I have been rather madly signing up for things.

Lets see, co-organiser for the embroidery round robin (on that apron I posted earlier)
organiser of a kitchen swap
and participant of a 'shop your swap' thing. Aussies only (go cheap postage!) So hopefully I'll start posting interesting things soon. mmmm knitted dishcloths.

Nothing colourful If I get enthusiastic I may even post a pic of the fugly blanket. Oh how I love that blanket. Another stashbuster, but using lots of bright orange I had in my stash. And green. ooh yeah

Saturday, July 21, 2007

proof of production

I love alliteration, don't you? In the absence of thinking (I'm still knackered from last night - went out till midnight, talked to a really interesting Croatian cab driver. Highlight was definitely the taxi driver, I just love new cultures!). However, as per little mademoiselle's request for an ipod cosy, and need of a challenge, I spent the better part of friday night playing with this one. Her request for the cosy was -
A) - that it have fuzzy things on it
B) - that if has googly eyes
C) - that it actually fit her ipod (a given really)

First - the front

ipod cosy The eyes and fuzzy things aren't where I would put them (on the flap with a maybe embroidered mouth - for a face of sorts) - but its not my cosy yada yada yada. I was kind of aiming for a seventies shagpile look.... did I succeed?

ipod cosy - reverse side

Here's the back. Those bee buttons make me smile every time I see them.

Thats all for now folks


Friday, July 20, 2007

At the end of the day...

Lordy lord lord am I tired! And what a week, from nearly getting the cold to starting to deal with the financial ramifications of the car. On the plus side, I have a car! and She's cheap to fill her up (no name yet), plus, thanks to the radio not working, I am really catching up on the audiotape thing. Dr Zhivago anyone? (I heartily do no recommend it. Its all names. I'm near the end of the last tape and I'm finally picking up a plot.

Things I've been upto? Not much really, been playing around on ravelry, trying to decide what to do with my two skeins of Noro(it's the only big brand I own, and am likely to get for some time. So Noro Noro Noro Noro Noro Noro. Much better)

On crafty things, I've nearly finished the grooviest ipod cosy yet. Its loopy, its for the sis and it will have googly eyes and weird fluffy pompoms. If she doesn't go nuts, I may well never be knitting her cozies (read: beanies) for ever again. GRRR

How is everyone else going? Ready for some serious sleeping in and walking (I need a good dose of both)


Monday, July 16, 2007

err... wow?

So this weekend went in an absolute blur, but it was a blur doing things I love - ie sewing. Now Maestro I ain't, but I managed to start and finish an apron. I discovered the magazine 'adorn' the other day - the buttons grabbed me. What a freaking awesome magazine! I wanted to make a skirt too (with appliqué pockets!) but sadly the op-shop fabric I bought was covered with paint. Who uses fabric as a drop sheet for crying out loud?

Anyway -
My new apron!

I added the pockets. Just the right size for crafty things! I'm planning to send this in the upcoming 'Jolly swagman tea towel tour' (working title lol), basically a chosen item gets sent around Australia and everyone embroiders a little insignia representing themselves. Postcards will also be sent - nice to know where your package has been!

Funny thing also happened this weekend, I was contacted, out of the blue, but not one, but four people from my past. Sadly for all four people, I wished they'd stay there. The one I wish to winge about - the ex - should be a firm reminder why you should avoid marijuana - or maybe even just this guy - really. Broke up four years ago - I have since moved onto bigger and better things (car, job, singledom - I love it all) and he sits and stews. He refuses to help himself, makes excuses for everything, and wonders why he is lonely. Yeesh. After his long winded wankery excuse for a conversation/wankery/apology for I know not what for something that happened in the relationship (FOUR YEARS AGO) he wants to know what I'm doing that day. me = errands. He wants to join. Misery loves company and I can't get past the fact that this guy has been the same for four years. Self pitying, jealous of other's success, and always excuses about why he can't help himself. Let it be said I have no time for people like these. Which also puts one other of the people from the past in this category. Doesn't like where life is now - but refuses to look at the bright side of life and make a change. Endless tafe courses that lead to a 'get rich quick' don't count. Arg

End rant. Sorry

Let me leave you with this wonderful pincushion Cheryl from the embroidery group sent me. I've yet to send hers, but check the Silk Ribbon Embroidery! I am in awe!

Pincushion from Cheryl


Thursday, July 12, 2007

All the things I promised and more!

Last post I got too distracted by Ravelry (which is soo much fun except I can never find the favourites button when I want it. ARG) That I didn't upload photos. But I have uploaded photos. Expect a photo-tastic blog post!

First things first.. Happy Birthday to my sister from Monday, I turned up at her place, and even made her a card! Yes it was a student free day and I did happen to discover the label maker (if that thing ever gets retired, I'm stealing it. No-one uses it anymore and it is just too much damn fun!)

birthday card

My car! This baby was so worth all the panic and paperwork!
My car!!!
Seriously, I got home early today and went for a walk! I'm exercising! I'm transporting! I'm one happy chappy!

Finally, all these lacy coathangers are from my recently deceased Grandmother, The yellow and lime one is my favourite.
knitted coat hangers 04knitted coat hangers 03knitted coat hangers 02knitted coat hangers 01

This is the kind of coathanger I wish to make. If I had the resources. Having said that I'm trying to knit with lace, either my tension is off the planet (possibility) but has anyone else had a nightmare of a time trying to knit with knitting lace? Oh well, if at first you don't succeed lol...

Anyway thats all folks

oh and thank you SO much to everyone who has been commenting lately! You've been so supportive and wonderful!!