Thursday, August 16, 2007

Clarence the postman gets stalked

What a busy couple of days it has been! Yesterday I went for some professional development (which can be a perk or a pain, depending on the food) and learnt some interesting things, one of the coolest being that the motivational speaker, (hilarious woman, cracked everyone up) was the voice of Blinky Bill! The fact that I still know all the words to the Blinky Bill song is clearly testament to the fact that I never, in fact, grew up.

Then there was today, which, while I was doing lots of running around (good) some rather misguided people decided to emblazon the school with some... considerably tasteless decoration. But the important thing was that I was running around, feeling important, emboldened by my tea. Got home, having done a good day's work, and found this in the mail, sent by the wonderful Craft and Chaos
Fused glass pendant
Lovliest package from Lyndsay

Check the fused glass pendant! She actually MADE that which is *trying to find right adjective involving, clever and cool*. See the bookmark? Hand embroidered and WAY better than using receipts / leaving the book flat on its face. The book and postcard are two little extras which she put in for fun. Clockwork Orange fits in perfectly with my goal to read a stack of classics. (consider: an arts degree without the HECs and assignments).

I have also been rather creative. Last weekend, my first shift volunteering at the opshop I SO love to frequent, I found these utterly adorable cocktail napkins and glass base cosy set thing. (You slip these things on the bottom of your wineglass, and its like a coaster that goes with you). Because these would ultimately wing their way to the US, and given that the whole point of the swap was handmade stuff, I attempted some SRE (silk ribbon embroidery) on the corners of the cocktail napkins. For a first timer, I quite like them, so cross fingers she does too..
Attempted close up of SRESilk Ribbon Embroidery (note those cute little flowers were done by someone else's machine, the roses? All mine.) I got the tute for the SRE roses way back in the archives on here,

basically just winged it. I'm hoping to have as many craft things as cooking books. Does anyone else have an addiction to cooking magazines? For some reason I do, despite the fact that I'm usually too tired at the end of the day to actually make something.

Last but not least (sorry people with slow internet connections!) I thought I'd have a light, easy project that would also be a stashbuster. Meet Granny Squared!
Granny square blanket I used ALL my bulky yarn for this, figured that 9mm would be a good middle sized hook, and just went for it. Actually I've done a heap more since this picture (this afternoon!) and if I finish it, it will be a blanket done in just under a week. SWEET!

Also I found this stashbusting game on the crochetville forum. The rules (from what I understand) are thus: Every skein used, +2 points, every ball +1. For every skein bought, -2points, every ball bought, received or inherited -1. I think you start off with -how many skeins/balls you have in your stash. The reward? no stash so you may fill 'er up again! Although this was used on a crochet forum, I'd be interested to see what all crafty peeps can do with their excess supplies (like excess supplies is ever a bad thing! It just means you'll never be bored!)

anyway that is indeed all for now (what a post!)



fitknit said...

So glad your postie has a name. I refer to mine as PDG (parcel delivery guy).

So...are you WORKING in the Opshop...or ENHANCING your loot LOL! We've been in the ones around Oxenford as we have a big trivia night tomorrow.

Lindsay said...

I'm glad you like everything! I'm loving that granny square blanket too. All the colours are looking lovely together.

I think I saw another stash busting challenge somewhere a while ago (can't remember where) and they had a formula which also involved the number of years you'd had something in your stash and so using something you'd had for ages gave you more points.