Thursday, August 2, 2007


Sorry I've not been terrible postworthy as of late. Firstly, I'm tired, and I have no idea why. Secondly, I've been doing more driving that crafting, which both sucks and is sad, and thirdly, who knew this swap thing could be so much work?

This week has not been my best. Hence the (rather appropriate) title. Why?
- Had a wee accident, on friday, in peak hour traffic. I've not been in an accident before, much less one where I was the guilty party.
- Not having been in an accident before, and being rather shaken (not stirred)it took a rather reassuring phone call from the insurance agency to realise that I should have received her details as well as forking over mine. The hour of the fool. Arg
- various small things throughout the week, that although minor, are annoying. But they add up.
- Not hearing from said accident victim for five days and then getting a hand delivered letter in the mail, with an insane repair bill and a kind reminder to get going or face the wrong end of a solicitor. Shaken, stirred, twisted, befuddled. All of the above.

On the bright side of life
- I never thought I would say this, but my insurance agency was fantastic, made light conversation even though I was rattled, and reassured me that I wasn't paying for the girl's repairs. Plus the guy who inspected my car for damage was wonderful (I secretly suspected that he liked me, I mean me = damsel in distress, him = manly man, giving kind placating words, ego boost for all involved.)
- I'm starting my volunteering at the op shop next saturday, and I REALLY can't wait. I think it will be super fun. Walking distance from home, people I click with, plus conscience is clear for another week, (cheaper than church, and more accommodating)

Anyway, I have been making progress on the garterlac washcloth. Pics this weekend.

And to leave you, a definition from my favourite king of all things sarcastic Ambrose Bierce and his 'Devil's Dictionary'

Dictionary - a malevolent literary device for cramping the growth of a language and making it hard and inelastic.


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Lindsay said...

You poor thing. That must have been really stressful for you. Sounds like your insurance was pretty good though.

I managed to run into the back of another car a couple of years later. I was completely lost and just peeked at my street directory for a second. One of the people who got out of the car basically said "What did you do that for you stupid bitch" which made me feel much better, and when I got home I found out my dad was in hospital.

But it all worked out, their damage wasn't too expensive, and I didn't actually bother fixing my car because it was worth more than the car. And my dad was out in a couple of days.