Sunday, August 5, 2007

So long and thanks for all the fish

Apologies, couldn't think of a better title, and for some reason that song popped into my head. I've been busy, and I've taken photos, I've just not had time to upload said pics. Firstly, I thought I could learn some new skills, so I tried the garterlac washcloth from here using Anchor Magicline, which at $2 for a 50gm ball makes me not entirely sure if I have had value for money.. but anyway, now that I can entrelac, I'm ready for anything!

Which moves me onto my next point. My weekend, was, despite promises, not as social as I'd hoped. Never fear, I got the swap partners up and running for the Kitchen, recipe and accessories swap. A hint, never assing swap partners before breakfast, although I suspect I am not alone in my mistakes. Between sending people their own information, to sending people information to which they didn't need (err.. whoops) to assigning someone (and this is my big mistake) someone with a cat allergy to someone who doesn't have a cat allergy. Never fear though, now the inboxes are safe to roam, I can't help but eye this swap off. Seriusly, sign now until August twentieth and send out earlier october. All swap obligations should/will be finished by then, and I like tea... eeny meeny minie moe... arg

Now to the brainstorming.. I've had some fun ideas for this swap, and in my mind, I'm two projects down. The unfortunate side effect is that now I really want to knit a hallowig, which might be cute until we are talking a 70's theme here. Even in 70's colours, is a hallowig 'in with the theme'? I wish to know... alas. 3

adios for now...

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