Saturday, August 11, 2007


As the usual, I can't think of anything remotely intelligent to title the latest blog post, and I would have posted sooner if the broadband hadn't been as embarrassingly slow as it has in the last week. I have however, finally uploaded pics to share

garterlac detailed shot

Revel in my garterlac-ness! Actually I've yet to use it, but I tell you know, this baby is SOFT!

Now this is a wee swap spoiler but I have two of these for my wonderful swap partner. just a simple washcloth cotton square (30st x whatever looks good)


Other news, I am entering the gold coast show! I may well be the only person turning up, and I am entering the pincushion section. It looks like a low commitment project, and I would love to start entering shows, for fun. Oh and if I win the Gold Coast Show, I might put my winnings (all $8 of it) into something worthy, like yarn, :D


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