Monday, June 15, 2009


Hi everyone,

Contrary to popular belief, I am still alive and plugging along. Have exam tomorrow so am enjoying the procrastination. I had the perfect post a couple of weeks ago, then got lazy and failed to upload proper photos/get permissions. However here is a quick recap.

The beginning of the month spinner's guild had a (surprisingly large, well placed) spot at the first ever Textile Art Festival. I was the organiser of said space which meant being flat out on my feet all day talking to people, and thanks to the support of the people who helped me run the stall, it was an absolute blast, I loved it, even if, by doing so, I spoke more in three days than I had in about a month. Insanity of the fun variety. Here are pics of the stall as taken by another member (sorry they are so small, this was the only size that flickr would let me steal).

After the first day, instead of doing the sensible thing and having a nice night in, I went out. Much fun was had. The Saturday I went out, but for even more fun. Y'see, one of my sister's flatmates was having his 21st party (awwwww) and to really have some fun, it was decided a gangster theme was the thing. The men wore suits, suspenders and smoked cigars, the ladies found their finest garb and spent hours in the bathroom. While it was technically 1920's ish gangster (think the movie 'Some Like it Hot') I found the cutest dress that was really more of a 1950s style in an op shop (for $3!!!!) so I wore that. This pic I think is one of my favourites of me, sweet sassy and wearing faaaar too much mascara.

Anyway, thatis something for now. I've been spinning and dyeing like a mad woman (who knew that I could spin and read/listen to lectures at the same time? Nuts!) so will naturally need to set up a photoshoot of some description for that.