Thursday, July 24, 2008

Sorry I'm slack

I'm full of snot. I have loads of pics! (feel free to peruse here - click here! For pics of baby livestock, purchases from Bendy wool and sheep show and gasp! A finished object! I dress that I made, love and took for freaking ever to finish!). Also, if anyone can give me some one on one time to help me learn to adequately sew in a zip, I may well become your slave for life.

Uni starts next week. Uni books plus bills plus head full of snot = fun week. On the bright side, I have clearly marked dates on my calendar for when assessments are due. Said dates have been duly handed onto Mum so she can build a really really strong bombshelter. Lord knows the heady combination of energy drink, stress and two assessments due the same day definitely disqualifies me from being human.

I'm tired, and full of goo that makes be sbeak fuddy. I hope you are all snuggled up with the cuddly pet of choice drinking far too much hot chocolate. Watching cute manly bums on tv. Or something amusing.


Wednesday, July 9, 2008

How to nearly treble your money

This is a monetary scheme that almost cannot fail *coughs*

Step 1. Get spinning, or knitting or crafting.
2. Do lots of it, the more you practice the better
3. Get invited to put some entries in the local show. Find some of your first handspun (euch!) and some pretty stuff you finished recently. do the fancy presentation tricks and fork over $1.50 per entry. In my instance, two entries, = $3.
4. Win second prize in both categories. Guess the number of people in each category I entered (hint, the number before it is 1, and the number after it is 3).
5. Collect $8 prize money. Yay! Nearly treble the money I started with!

Here are the prize winning entries (I haz ribbons! I NEVER get ribbons!). On the
left, 'novelty yarn', why they call it novelty has me beat. I mean they are colourful yarn, not freaking eyelash or something. The one on the right is 'Novice yarn'. If in doubt, invoke the 'amateur rule'. Ie 'of course I couldn't win first prize in the Nobel Prize (when you come a close second) I'm an AMATEUR. Repeat until people tire. :D
01-06-08 01101-06-08 010
(Hey the pics don't look dodgy when small!Must remember that!)

See. A sure-fire way to make zillions. Or not. :D


Monday, July 7, 2008

Baby has been a baaad baaad blogger!

But I have been busy (not really, but I haven't been spending money either, which is a good thing.

Firstly, this blanket, I finished it about a week before my sister's birthday, which is this wed. (Happy birthday Darlin'!) We also won state of origin that night. Coincidence? I suspect not (GO THE MAROONS!)

01-06-08 021

I'm calling this 'the cowl that doesn't end' because it took for freaking ever to make. For what is essentially a strip of knitting (concession: linen stitch) and a freakishly weird looking buttonhole, it took a long time. But! It is bright orange handspun (badly spun, gah!) and rather warm. Though I still need a scarf or something for Bendy.


Which brings me to this:

I'm weaving! I did a workshop with spinners guild, and this is a nice mental challenge (especially with zig zagging twill, gah!). This is a four heddle (correct me weavers!) loom, which means you can do all sorts of cool things on it. At the moment I've very nearly finished my warp yarn, so hopefully I can find out how to finish the scarf on sat.

Also, I'm using stash yarn, kudos to moi!
01-06-08 002

01-06-08 005

Not perfect but I'm happy :D


See this headwarmer thingy? Very warm (I wear it all the time, finally! I can keep my head warm and have my hair up at the same time. And look cute. Duh!) I spun the yarn for that, which I entered an extra skein into the show and won me second prize! I also won second prize for novice yarn at the show. Yay! I win prizes for yarn!

That's all for now. :D