Wednesday, July 9, 2008

How to nearly treble your money

This is a monetary scheme that almost cannot fail *coughs*

Step 1. Get spinning, or knitting or crafting.
2. Do lots of it, the more you practice the better
3. Get invited to put some entries in the local show. Find some of your first handspun (euch!) and some pretty stuff you finished recently. do the fancy presentation tricks and fork over $1.50 per entry. In my instance, two entries, = $3.
4. Win second prize in both categories. Guess the number of people in each category I entered (hint, the number before it is 1, and the number after it is 3).
5. Collect $8 prize money. Yay! Nearly treble the money I started with!

Here are the prize winning entries (I haz ribbons! I NEVER get ribbons!). On the
left, 'novelty yarn', why they call it novelty has me beat. I mean they are colourful yarn, not freaking eyelash or something. The one on the right is 'Novice yarn'. If in doubt, invoke the 'amateur rule'. Ie 'of course I couldn't win first prize in the Nobel Prize (when you come a close second) I'm an AMATEUR. Repeat until people tire. :D
01-06-08 01101-06-08 010
(Hey the pics don't look dodgy when small!Must remember that!)

See. A sure-fire way to make zillions. Or not. :D



woolie wombat said...

You forgot a third thing Sally, Talent which my dear you have in abundance, congratulations! regards


Anonymous said...

Oh bother WW has already taken my third comment of Talent.

Well mine will be then GOOD FRIENDS. Congrats my dear. That one went under the radar, miss naughty.

Took me awhile to gather that it was the Mudgee Qld show NOT the MUDGEE Nsw show. Too long out of the neighbourhood.