Monday, July 7, 2008

Baby has been a baaad baaad blogger!

But I have been busy (not really, but I haven't been spending money either, which is a good thing.

Firstly, this blanket, I finished it about a week before my sister's birthday, which is this wed. (Happy birthday Darlin'!) We also won state of origin that night. Coincidence? I suspect not (GO THE MAROONS!)

01-06-08 021

I'm calling this 'the cowl that doesn't end' because it took for freaking ever to make. For what is essentially a strip of knitting (concession: linen stitch) and a freakishly weird looking buttonhole, it took a long time. But! It is bright orange handspun (badly spun, gah!) and rather warm. Though I still need a scarf or something for Bendy.


Which brings me to this:

I'm weaving! I did a workshop with spinners guild, and this is a nice mental challenge (especially with zig zagging twill, gah!). This is a four heddle (correct me weavers!) loom, which means you can do all sorts of cool things on it. At the moment I've very nearly finished my warp yarn, so hopefully I can find out how to finish the scarf on sat.

Also, I'm using stash yarn, kudos to moi!
01-06-08 002

01-06-08 005

Not perfect but I'm happy :D


See this headwarmer thingy? Very warm (I wear it all the time, finally! I can keep my head warm and have my hair up at the same time. And look cute. Duh!) I spun the yarn for that, which I entered an extra skein into the show and won me second prize! I also won second prize for novice yarn at the show. Yay! I win prizes for yarn!

That's all for now. :D


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zephyrama said...

Cool scarf! And a big grown up loom as well!