Sunday, February 8, 2009

Your regularly scheduled update

In which there is nothing to report. Joy. Well, no CRAFTY things to report. Mainly thus:
- I have a new job (yay!), being an administration assistant. Work isn't as interesting as library, but the pay, waaay better.
- The social life that comes with being in briz is fun, but a little draining. 2 nights plus a fortnight is a huge change from going out once a fortnight plus the occasional afternoon tea with a friend. I can't wait to get used to it.
- Spinning camp at Bornhoffen (I have no idea where it is either) this coming weekend is going to be BRILLIANT. So brilliant I believe all of the participants are wishing friday afternoon was here already. I'm looking forward to a weekend of workshops, socialising, shopping and being in a position where no one wants the top bunk. Except me. I get to sleep in a top bunk!!!
- craft wise, I'm working on a rather large something for my swap partner for the favourite colours swap on rav. It grows larger and larger, and I'm hoping my swap partner loves it more than anything in the whole widest world. If she doesn't love it. It's mine, dag nammit.

Night all!