Saturday, January 24, 2009

Quell Horreur! An FO!

Hello everyone! I have finally decided that having finished a project, it would probably be a nice thing to actually show it off. Even if it does need blocking and the ends woven in..

May I present: Bad Penny with ribbing!

Bad Penny

The original pattern didn't have under the bust ribbing and very little shaping in the pattern, which works well for some body types, less so for me. I followed someone else's modification and did 2x2 ribbing from under the bust to my desired length. Because I could also try this sucker on, I could get second and third opinions about the length as well.

Bad Penny

This twisted part is what happens when the pattern tells me to knit and I knit. I was taught to think the reverse of everyone else does. My knit is purl and vice versa. I decided to make this a design feature instead of ripping.

Bad Penny

Just look how good this baby goes with my shawl!

Now because I'm cheap and decided to use cheap yarn (pallette yarn on special for $2) which is pure wool, it is scratchy as hell. I'm thinking of soaking in hair conditioner to soften it up. For anyone in the know, does this work? Is there anything I can do to this yarn to make it wearable against the skin? Or will I be have to wear a singlet underneath?

All in all, this project took about a month to do on 5mm needles. easy, customisable and enjoyable.

In other news, I have just scored a job trial, so with any luck I'll be employed for at least three months = money!!


Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Home sweet home

Hi everyone!

I'm not sure if I have blabbed in previous posts or not, but I have moved and am officially a Brisvegas gal now. While I haven't really done much in the way of spinning or knitting (a bit of fleece and a shiteload of washcloths), this means nothing really of consequence to post. However since this IS the internet (where no-one can hear you scream), here are a few wee shots of my new place/evidence of having made myself really at home.

Toby has really settled in! Never before has a cat had so much freedom and time to snooze on the deck in the sun. It's a tough life, but some cat has to do it.

'The wall'. My bedroom wall with ephemera I've either been sent, or have found myself. I love receiving postcards of exotic locales, and some of the postcards have been picked up on my travels too. Home sweet home.

Okay This is the lamest post yet. But hopefully it's just twee.

Later lovelies!