Monday, June 23, 2008

Incoming holidays!

Hey all! School holidays (and Bendigo!) are fast approaching and my sewing mojo just exploded last night. The list making part of my brain has officially gone haywire. Here are some of the things on my mind.

Holiday activities.
1. Organise room. Throw stuff out/Sell stuff (Have been getting itchy feet, I want/need to move out of home, must decrease amount of stuff to move.)
2. Buy Linen. New stuff in previously mum approved colours (I'm told that getting bright red or blue sheets will clash with my previously pale blue/dark pink sheets. Brown is in)
3. Feed the sewing mojo. I have a dress pattern that I've wanted to sew forever, a couple of skirt patterns that'd look great in heavy fabrics, and a nearby spotlight. *sigh*
4. Feed the embroidery mojo while it's perked up. Visit lovely lady from spinners guild who does incredible embroidery. Enjoy what can only be described as the best Indian food I have ever tasted. Which is great because it is the real deal.
5. Take said lovely spinners guild person to op-shops. Enjoy coffee, culture and traffic lights. Remember that despite the goodies on offer I don't actually need more knitting needles/cheap but vintage yarn/quirky vintage craft book.

Bendy plans.
1. Ask mum nicely for awesome qantas travel bag. :D
2. Search opshops/cheap places for bits and pieces.
3. Find warm things that don't take up space,
4. Tell new leather boots nice things to make them last forever.
5. Contemplate knitting project for bag.
6. Contemplate book for plane because I'm still too paranoid to take knitting needles in the regular part of the plane. Consider taking fibre to create the necessary fibre lust. Reject.
7. Repeat above until levels of insanity drive the cat nuts. :D

Okay, I'm hopped up on too much coffee and I need bed. Tooroo!

Monday, June 9, 2008

if you like Sundays and pretty colours

Then this is the post for you!
First, I like sundays, and here is a poem I've found by Kate Middleton that is just lovely to reflect over, with a cup of tea of course!

Morning Sonnet

1. Today let's take the roof off -
let's ascend easier to God.
in the meantime

2. let's glance amorously across
the Sunday crosswords
while you

3. Pour tea decorously through
the teapot's trunk, and sit down
to finger an unusually austere Bach invention
and I

4. Sermonise on the merits of ribbons
and the pink of pink icing.

Kate Middleton

Get that literary goodness into you! Smothered in pink icing, on petit fours. Of course :D

It works! Now look at some fibery fun for old times sake. :D
From left to right:
1. Happy hippy on bobbin (now navajo plied and stunning!)
2. Details on sister's birthday blanket
3. More details
4. Pretty merino - QWSFA open day
5. Undyed Optim
6. Merino/Silk sliver
7. Handdyed Optim
8. Angora! (rabbit!)
9. Tussah silk
10. cotton fibre
11. Mulberry silk
12. Cherry's Ruff Stuff (her spelling not mine, cheap as chips, and rough! But check the colours!)

That is all I can think of for now. Thank heavens for upcoming holidays!


Sunday, June 1, 2008

In which purdiness is displayed..

Hey everyone! I thought I'd never get to post! Academia has been keeping me on my toes, which is great if you like essay writing, sadly I hate making up word counts, but c'est la vie.

I have some long overdue pretties to show off, and when I can be bothered, to upload a stack of photos, a veritable tonne of fibre from the recent Queensland Spinners Weavers and Fibre Artists (QWSFA) open day last weekend.

Firstly though, thanks to the awesome Woolie Wombat for 22micron fibre she apparently promised me ages ago, but I really don't remember asking for. This stuff is so soft and is begging for splashes of colour. The staple length is long and makes me want to use it for a pillow so I snuggle in the sheepy goodness. mmmm

26-05-08 009

Two bags! Can you see why I think she's great (and the fact that she's teaching a group of us to knit lace... online, not even one on one contact. Gem!).

For more bragworthiness, look what I scored at my favourite newsagent!
26-05-08 006

By Alan Dart, the patterns are cute, and easy! I just love the fact that there are so many patterns in there, and uses for eyelash yarn! Beards, gotta love 'em :D For some reason, this 26-05-08 007 just captures my imagination. I may even knit some of them. I'm not a toy person per se, but I think this book just about has me converted. :D

Thanks to everyone who gave me suggestions re: mitts. I discovered the biggest help was the most obvious. Seam the bloody things! Although that said, they could still use some elastic around the finger and the bottom ribbing. *sigh* Next time...

Non-crafty things, I have just received my highest ever mark for an assessment at uni, 75%! I'm absolutely stoked, as I usually only just manage to pass by the skin of my teeth. I love the subject, but essays well and truly suck. Eugh!