Monday, June 9, 2008

if you like Sundays and pretty colours

Then this is the post for you!
First, I like sundays, and here is a poem I've found by Kate Middleton that is just lovely to reflect over, with a cup of tea of course!

Morning Sonnet

1. Today let's take the roof off -
let's ascend easier to God.
in the meantime

2. let's glance amorously across
the Sunday crosswords
while you

3. Pour tea decorously through
the teapot's trunk, and sit down
to finger an unusually austere Bach invention
and I

4. Sermonise on the merits of ribbons
and the pink of pink icing.

Kate Middleton

Get that literary goodness into you! Smothered in pink icing, on petit fours. Of course :D

It works! Now look at some fibery fun for old times sake. :D
From left to right:
1. Happy hippy on bobbin (now navajo plied and stunning!)
2. Details on sister's birthday blanket
3. More details
4. Pretty merino - QWSFA open day
5. Undyed Optim
6. Merino/Silk sliver
7. Handdyed Optim
8. Angora! (rabbit!)
9. Tussah silk
10. cotton fibre
11. Mulberry silk
12. Cherry's Ruff Stuff (her spelling not mine, cheap as chips, and rough! But check the colours!)

That is all I can think of for now. Thank heavens for upcoming holidays!


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