Monday, August 20, 2007

The race is on...

To get my swap items finished... I'm about halfway through my first quilting project every, and my machine just up and died. Rats. Cleaning doesn't seem to fix it, kind words don't seem to fix it, playing with all the bits and pieces until I'm well and truly OVER playing with bits and pieces. ARG!!!! Two things (three if you counted a cushion cover which was borderline being shelved anyway. Oh and I made bias binding with my clover tooly thing that makes bias binding. Nothing makes your ego float than something doing what it is supposed to be doing without complaint. Take note sewing machine...

Anyway, I hope everyone is enjoying this rain (I love rain, except for driving in it... and with 4wds on the road. I'm sorry, but I loathe 4wds, and thinking about how much they pay to fill up at the bowser doesn't make it much better either. Much hehe)

Anyway that's all for one night. Aside from the sewing machine thing... I have a swap package!!!


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