Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Freely flowing FO's.

Or one, but did I get you hooked? Did I? huh? huh? Okay I actually have one finished object, and that's been my tv crochet/stash-busting for the past few months. Anyway its an oversized granny square and the plan was to make it huge for yours truly. Well my conscience got in the way when I heard that my grandfather with Alzheimers disease kind of needed something that size.

granny square blanket

Actually this photo is when its nearly done, but you get an idea of the size, about 1 metre squared. Oh and just because, I wanted picots. I mean haven't you ever just wanted picots?

granny square blanket - closeup

And just for laughs, trying to chain stitch said grandfather's name onto the blanket. Double points if you get his name right. lol.
Granny square blanket

Anyway hopefully tomorrow I will get a teacosy picture up.

So for now... adios!

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