Sunday, October 7, 2007

Bag lady

Hey everyone! Having just been on school holidays (an earnt perk) I was all psyched to post a thousand things and... nothing, I slept, caught up with friends and more sleeping, discovered a book exchange, and stocked up (read: hoarded) enough fabric supplies to keep me going for a while. :D

I do want to show the new love of my life though, undoubtedly the best anything I've made to day, and its a McCalls pattern, and took me the better part of 24 hours to do, but I do so love it!

Awesome knitting bag

Ooh! so roomy!

More pockets inside awesome bag!
Inside awesome bag
zip without fuss!

The best part of this bag to prove that I'm chea- 'environmentally conscious' is the fact that everything (bar the pattern) is made from thrifted materials! Total cost (again barring the pattern) $9! With enough fabric to make other things!

So nice to finally post this thing! This post alone has been in draft for about a week... slack, tired, all of the above, arg.


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Lindsay said...

Nice job! I love all of the pockets, it looks like such a useful bag, and very pretty too.