Thursday, September 27, 2007

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Fluffy thing on a stick. This happens to be my favourite thing at present, because it makes EVERYONE happy! Fluffy thing on a stick should really be called 'feathers on a stick' but lacks the same appeal. My cat seems to be enamoured with this item, and I can testify that simply someone waving the thing gives you an insane urge to bat the thing around.

Now onto other exciting things, namely BOXERS! See, I have a love affair with fat quarters, those cheap bits of fabric with patterns that would be far too costly to buy by the metre. This idea has been gestating in my head for a while so it was the best fun carrying it out. In the end I hacked down the waistline to something more 'me appropriate'.
26-09-07 014 Cats on front (even the patterns are the right way! w00t!)

26-09-07 024

On the back.. flamingos!!!! There is something about flamingos that just crack me up. Surely they seem like nature's idea of a good laugh? Especially in fabric form lol.

I absolutely love these! Except for where I underestimated the length (needs to be about 10cm longer) They are insanely comfy, and the sis may yet request a some for Christmas.


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Lindsay said...

Great job on the boxer shorts and I love the fabrics!