Thursday, September 20, 2007

You spin me right round baby

Another tale of excitement from the weekend (it was a VERY good weekend). I learnt to spin from the lovely Karen. She had some raw sheep (mmm sheep smell) and started me off with a newly requisition wire coathanger and some fleece she had. Learning about tension, staple length and everything was quite an experience... but so fun! Anyway here are some pics..
slightly less artsy shot of first ever yarn
artsy shot of first yarn - artsy shot, it was originally a mistake, but the more I look at the fibres, the more I love it.

Here are a couple of supplies Karen sold me (thank heavens for the spinner's guild!!)
silk cap I'm practising so I can spin this nice and finely, I just love the colour. I'm also considering buying a spindle from this guy, as I'd like to have a nice fancy spindle to spin nice stuff on. Did I mention that I'm hooked? I love the challenge, and I've suprised myself with how much I love the deep, musky sheep smell.
pure Corriedale wool - See? Sheepy crimps and everything!

There is a new Stitch'n'bitch that has rather coughing into existence on Ravelry. Called the knittee committee, there have been a couple of meetings, and still trying to find a location that is good for everyone. Clearly its not on the Coast. The next one looks to be at threads and more in Sherwood...if I can get there and NOT get lost. (big IF people) also, this happens to be this yarn store (with not terribly well informed people so I hear), on the holidays. What are the chances that I'll leave with money? Not terribly good stakes sadly.

Anyway, adios for now, and Viva la School Holidays! Sleep in! Not deal with rampant teenagers for two weeks! Whoop!



Sharre said...

not to be an enabler or anything, I brought a spindle from the spindlemaker earlier this year. I loves it, it is shiny and smooth and wonderful to spin with :)

P.S. your first spinning attempts look so much better than mine :)

Melinda said...

Welcome to the world of spinning! I began at the beginning of this year. Beware...your house will begin to smell like that sheep smell...and you end up collecting large garbage bags filled with fleeces! (but I wouldn't have it any other way...)