Friday, September 7, 2007

imposed hiatus

Hey everyone, sorry for being rather... absent. I've been procrastinating, which when things start biting you on the bum, is really not as fun as it sounds. Also my internet has run out of download speed, which makes this thing slower than any dial-up going. However, looking at the bright side of life is the way to do things these days (and MUCH more understandable that 'rap music' whatever it may be. :P

So without more procrastination (you'd think I'd learn, ARG) quite a few things have happened last week. Let the timeline begin.

Friday - public holiday, I baked. Triple choc muffins and ANZAC slice. They were gifted to my sis and her flatmate, where I hear they are being enjoyed *enter ego boost here*.
triple choc muffins,

Wednesday, I picked up a package from the post office, voila! One swap package!

received from auntiem
washcloth!!!white washcloth!
Check this apron, fabric from my wists, is it not the cutest fabric ever???? Apologies for the shot, I'd just gotten home from work and looked/felt like a frump. A very tired frump at that.
sweetest pea apronsweetest pea fabric

anyway enough for now...



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