Monday, July 16, 2007

err... wow?

So this weekend went in an absolute blur, but it was a blur doing things I love - ie sewing. Now Maestro I ain't, but I managed to start and finish an apron. I discovered the magazine 'adorn' the other day - the buttons grabbed me. What a freaking awesome magazine! I wanted to make a skirt too (with appliqué pockets!) but sadly the op-shop fabric I bought was covered with paint. Who uses fabric as a drop sheet for crying out loud?

Anyway -
My new apron!

I added the pockets. Just the right size for crafty things! I'm planning to send this in the upcoming 'Jolly swagman tea towel tour' (working title lol), basically a chosen item gets sent around Australia and everyone embroiders a little insignia representing themselves. Postcards will also be sent - nice to know where your package has been!

Funny thing also happened this weekend, I was contacted, out of the blue, but not one, but four people from my past. Sadly for all four people, I wished they'd stay there. The one I wish to winge about - the ex - should be a firm reminder why you should avoid marijuana - or maybe even just this guy - really. Broke up four years ago - I have since moved onto bigger and better things (car, job, singledom - I love it all) and he sits and stews. He refuses to help himself, makes excuses for everything, and wonders why he is lonely. Yeesh. After his long winded wankery excuse for a conversation/wankery/apology for I know not what for something that happened in the relationship (FOUR YEARS AGO) he wants to know what I'm doing that day. me = errands. He wants to join. Misery loves company and I can't get past the fact that this guy has been the same for four years. Self pitying, jealous of other's success, and always excuses about why he can't help himself. Let it be said I have no time for people like these. Which also puts one other of the people from the past in this category. Doesn't like where life is now - but refuses to look at the bright side of life and make a change. Endless tafe courses that lead to a 'get rich quick' don't count. Arg

End rant. Sorry

Let me leave you with this wonderful pincushion Cheryl from the embroidery group sent me. I've yet to send hers, but check the Silk Ribbon Embroidery! I am in awe!

Pincushion from Cheryl



Lindsay said...

Ooooh, that'll look pretty with lots of embroidery.

By the way, in joining that swap, am I pushing it if I send an apron in pieces (but with areas clearly marked out) to be sewn together when it gets back home?

Sharon said...

Your apron is brilliant! I can't wait to see it made all pretty :-)

librarylass said...

I juar love the fringe, and the fact that it has two pockets and I can STILL lose my mobile phone in there. :D

fitknit said...

Apron=cute, Ex BF=past.

Don't you just love how you can have a great rant on your blog and everyone says, yep, that's OK, rant away!