Monday, July 2, 2007

I love holidays because...

I have been totally and utterly crafty these holidays! Not laying on my arse feeling sorry for myself? I'm as freaked as you are. Sheesh! I have been hitting the instant gratification projects as well, which makes me feel one part home-y (as in 'lace pillowcases!' versus 'yo yo protentious arseholes with bad literacy!'). Instant gratification plus home-y (ooh! Lace!) equals knitted coathangers! Seriously what could be less commitment phobic than knitted coathangers.
knitted coat hanger - overview
Lately I've had the urge to create stuff that every home needs but can't really buy in woollies. Fitnit (she's a Gold Coaster as well!) Put me onto a good thing with the patons big book of small things - with my first ever lace project! (future lace project.

So for all friends and family, expect an onslaught of these in the coming months. Especially once you get the hang of covering them with fiberfill... you draught like spinning, which can only be a useful skill... eventually.

close up - pillowcaseclose up - embroidery
Also in the spirit of all things homely - I made a pillowcase! Which I haven't actually tried on a pillow yet - still has the potential to be a disaster, but the cool things is that I used french seams (in the Merde! Sense of the word...) and I'm doing some embroidery using transfers, which I'm thoroughly enjoying..

anyway not sure about you guys, but I'm freezing my extremities off!


p.s. In every sense of the word... I LOVE holidays!

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Lindsay said...

I love the fish. So cute! Good luck with the holiday crafting too, always fun.