Wednesday, June 27, 2007

I can't get no... satisfaction

Trying to think of an apt song title for tonight's post (originality went to bed an hour ago) and have been wanting to post some of my comings and goings from the past few days.

Firstly, went shopping with sis, spent an embarrassing amount of money, on both her and me, but what a time! What stuff!

Secondly, a couple of days ago I spent no less than five hours on making two needle rolls, I still need one or two more for the approx 100 sets of needles (including DPNS) I happen to own.

Firstly, the upholstery fabric one! (Sorry in advance for the pics, I took them on the deck this afternoon and consequently there are stripey shadows, but better that I took them in daylight, no?

needle case number one

reversible, strong upholstery fabric, with bias binding which was a real trial and error process (vintage sewing books saved the day) and its definitely use-able.

needle case number one inside shot

See? Nice needle holders (measured about 3cm per slot.. seems to work, with straights... really should check the DPNs. eek.)

All semi rolled up... aww

Glamour shot, I love the blue fabric, especially as I realised that I paid $2 (op shop special) and received over 4 metres of it. But what to make????

needle case number two
Check the Betty Boop fabric! It WOULD be on the outside, but unfortunately I found out the hard way the turning ribbon into bias binding requires a certain level of manipulation. Blue won out.

last but not least, gratuitous cat shot. Just wanted to take this whilst out on the deck. Say hello to Toby the cat!

Gratuitous cat shot



Hayles (aka H-Bomb) said...

I got a lot of satisfaction loving that post esp photo of cat.

it was a random shot and the cat seems to say that with his eyes. i wrote an extremely random post the other day. you should see it. weird even for me....

catsmum said...

hello Toby the cat