Friday, June 1, 2007

ooh la la!

Hey everyone! hope your week has gone well!

It has been a rather busy week for me! I love my job, helping people, absolutely fantastic.

Summarised version of the week
- helped a student teacher with the technical part of an assessment
- She nailed said assessment (she got good feedback, that constitutes nailed)
- That was thursday, which is also her birthday and surprise! She also got engaged that night!
- Stoked that such a nice person got engaged, Go Diane!
- I had a lovely chat with Cute Canadian, and as a result am going on a date with said cute Canadian. This should be fun. Conversation where we are not interrupted every five minutes by someone wanting something? Uninterrupted anecdotes? Definitely fun.
- oh rats, what do I wear to meet said date? jeans and top, but what jewellery? what bag? PAH! details!!!

Anyway I need to get going but YAY!!!!!!


p.s. WILL be posting pics of crafty things later... just have been so busy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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