Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Doop de do

No real title for today's post, just saying YAY! Why? Well I scored yarn! Thanks again to the wonderful people at Good Yarn Karma, I scored 3 luscious cakes of yummy green yarn. Its on my desk, and stroking it periodically tempts me towards the project I have intended for them. I have been eyeing off the 12" crochet square of the month craftalong for quite a while, but due to the varying weights etc of my yarn, I've abstained. This green will be the theme colour of the blocks. Not all blocks will be this colour, but they will look awesome with it.

Three cakes of yummy wool

This is my desk, part computer desk, part vanity unit. That spindle is my birthday present, I have decided that I need to find someone (read: bribe) to gently guide me through the processes of the whole thing. For once, book learning has failed me. but look at that pretty yarn! Enough to make you vegetarian really (you know... eat greens...)

Also I should be posting up there soon... given that I have utilised this wonderful website a couple of times.... good to give back.

Anyway, hands are freezing! (anyone else LOVING this cold weather?)


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Anonymous said...

You're right - it IS a glorious green! I LOVE LOVE LOVE the cooler weather - not much of it around here in Queensland :-(