Sunday, June 17, 2007

Exams are over, but what now?

Hey everyone, hope you are well. My lord the last week has just been packed full of revelations! My personal favourite include two lovely coworkers who I thought were the bestest buddies... got married on the weekend! I assumed the male part of the couple was gay, hence.. good buddies? Thats just revelation one!

Onto the pictures!
What do you do when you are home alone on a friday night and blog surfing loses its appeal? Try and join the Tunisian Crochet-a-long! Have an explore of this woman's flickr and website, lordy is there anything she can't make cool with crochet? I even learnt Tunisian Purl Stitch and had a crack at the a-long-ness.

but first, where the bloody hell is my crochet hook? I narrowed down the options to either an abandoned warehouse, or my needle case. (In dire need of order... no?. But really, try looking for a long crochet hook in this:
needle in a needle stack 01

Suprisingly it only took about 7 mins, once I got a strategy going. but still... lotsa needles, no?


Tadaaaaaaaa! In case your curious, the hook is a 5mm, which is just small enough thank you very much.

and finally, just for bragging sakes, my two swatches. Swatch numero uno is Tunisian rib, which is just like like 1x1 rib for crochet people.. but with MUCH longer names for the stitches..Yeesh.

Swatch one - Tunisian rib

Tunisian Waffle stitch, which is just like the one above, but you try and avoid getting the bumpy ridgy look.

Check everyone else's (much better looking) swatches here


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