Saturday, June 2, 2007

My lament (people expecting a long awaited craft post, try tomorrow!)

Hey everyone, hope your day went well. As the title of today's post suggests, I'm in the mood for a rather boring love rant. Feel free to return to your mobile phone conversations and online messaging applications.

I was excited about the date. It looked like a promising venture into international relations. A fling in international relations. Hell I practically outlined my strategy at the beginning of said date 'This rather lacklustre shopping precinct happens to be in very close proximity to a casino (grog) and a beach.' (HINT: I was TRYING to hit on you. The fact that you kept chatting about travel of which I clearly had no experience.. well just the fact that your overt worldliness could be slightly intimidating is something I can get past. Hello? GEEZ) Gah. I really thought forwardness was going to work. GAH! Seriously, the more I date, the more I wonder how soon I can legitimately become a cat lady. Four cats can easily provide the company of one male. Consider: Male provides something pleasant to talk about the end of your day. More frequently than not, this conversation will interrupt the flow of tasks that need to be done. So do cats. Also, on cold nights, the helpless male is subjected to a barrage of cold feet and this weird technical 'embracing'. Give me four cats and an electric blanket, and if you aren't sufficiently coddled by the morning, then you don't know what coddling is!

Seriously what is the right approach with guys? Overt flirting gets me some place I'd rather not bed (hint, said place usually contain pillows and a doona), whilst flat and frank seems to get so far, then .... sputter sputter... nothing. Wit doesn't really triumph, in fact wit amuses briefly before getting thrown aside in favour the ability to keep looking interested and desperately trying to find some common ground. Bugger it. I'm going to be a cat lady. Happy cat lady with four beautiful cats and a massive bookshelf, filled with wonderful treasures, old and new.

Downsides to the lone persona, four cats thing, well, social exercises can get a little tricky, not to mention travel, and I DO want to travel, more than anything. Also, unless you are forever content with work social exercises in which an excuse to make more than momentary conversation with people you either respect or loathe but treat them with the same smile and common courtesy, then that can be fun too. Until they hit the 'so is there a man in your life?' question. To the point where I would rather them ask if I'd scored any illicit substances lately because at least I'd have a cutesy answer then. Better than the fumbling crap of 'uh, no I don't, not really looking either, am busy with study and all that'. Typical reply 'I'm sure you'll find someone who will change that perception'. Uh yeah, my shrink. Hey I pay him for the reassurance as well. GRRRR

So yes. After today, it seems to be in my best interests to be a lone wolf... not as in live in the woods and howl at full moons, but at least resign myself to the tedium of the everyday with fantastic dreams of being able to travel around the world, experience everything there is to see, and be safe in the knowledge that the only person who can hurt me is me. God knows I won't be travelling with anyone else. Why? Well circumstances (ie, friends and family are all broke, and have other things in mind than global domination) mean that the only way I WILL see exotic locales is to do the blasted thing myself. Hell I might even have fun in the process.

Enough of my rant. Bring on the cats. Here kitty kitty, here global domination.


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