Sunday, June 10, 2007

I'm baaaack!

And boy am I buzzing with a vengeance! Yesterday (for those who aren't in the know) was World Wide Knit In Public Day, (WWKIPD) and as I had nothing better to do and felt like a wander up Brizzy way it seemed like a good idea. Seemed? Was! I must say I had a really really fun day! Between drinking hot chocolate so thick the spoon could almost stand up unassisted in the cup, to making major progress on my Cleckheaton cardi (I really should give it a name) and saying rather stupid things like 'I love 1x1 rib but I loathe moss stitch' (knitters alike are slapping their foreheads right now) to finishing off with a trip to bookfest, (sweet, sweet bookfest!) It was a long but ever so fun day. See you next time gals!

On the necessary knitting content. here is a nearly completed back of the cardi. Need about 10 cms. I did about 8 or nine centimetres, which, if you consider that I used 3.75mm needles and 4 rows to one centimetre, means a LOT of rows baby!)

10-06-07 042

Okay to the picfest! I uploaded a stack of photos, but I have every intention of uploading more. Such is my love for the books that I bought!
Fame is a fickle creature, as you can see this cute, rather weird two faced doll bears my name, and after a variety of shots in her shopping outfit, wedding outfit (she looks like an Egyptian mummy) and other fantastic concoctions, she gets sidelined by a tart named Geraldine who wears a jacket, a skirt and little else. Rats.
10-06-07 01110-06-07 010
10-06-07 00110-06-07 004

See these books? The yellow ones? GOLDEN HANDS! The other ones are a time life series thing, but they are filled with gorgeous dressmaking advice and, *sigh* I just love them. Thanks Miss Vicki for putting me onto a good thing (p.s. I want her granny trolley. Badly)

And lastly, an overdue embroidery pic. This is a pretty much done one sided pin cushion for a swap on the embroidery thread. Bearing in mind that the middle is going to have a ceramic cat in the middle, I really think it needs.... something... Any suggestions? Just so you know, this is the pretty side of the planned pincushion, the business side is brown felt with some yet to appear purple flowers, and a bias binding tape side... ala Meshell's pincushions. Not as glamorous, but a shite load of hard work all the same. Oh and I need to start (and complete) an Egypt theme Crazy Quilting block. Sans Egypt fabric, I have raded the riot craft store and bought... felt. Seems we will be seeing a LOT of felt soon. Sheesh I've had enough!

Enough for now.. thats what I call a blog post!


*p.s* I had to recently play with the Wists button. So if you see 'Bookybabe' instead of librarylass. Blame Wists. Annoying people wanted to recognise my email but not let me login or get a new password. Arg. So new account, and yes I am cringeing as much as you are, but at least I can finally add stuff again. Also I shifted my old wists to the new account. Nice to know I still have good taste!

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Vicki said...

Thanks for droppin my name Librarylass. As I suspected two of the sewing books I picked up at bookfest are ones I already had. Lemme know if ever you are gonna make it to S'n'B and I'll bring one of them along for ya (the other is the diamond/floral one you already have).