Sunday, June 24, 2007

Holidays have started...

And I'm literally flooding myself in craft! In the good way, of course...Obligation wise, I've started the Egyptian block for the CQ swap.. but I really need to do more on it... arrg. Anyway, due to a noticeable absence of Anything Eqyptian-y in my fabric stash, and not having the car to travel, I did the next best thing, and bought felt! I'm seriously loving felt lately, its strong, durable and my sewing machine sews through it with not a hint of difficulty! Also consider cheapness, and it comes in so many colours! So really, today is a tribute to felt.

22-06-07 002

One felt CQ block with a motif I attempted to copy from some books on the subject. That motif is supposed to be a double crown of Ancient Egypt. And thats all I've done. Eek.

Also in the spirit of self gratification / felt loving, I found this freaking gorgeous tutorial on making felt covered barrettes. Seriously, if a fool like me can make them in 5mins, well, anyone can make them.

felt covered barrettes.

Voila! Although in the tutorial is says to handsew the buttons to the barrettes, in the spirit of laziness I machine sewed the buttons (trial and error, but doable) and do you know how many photos I took to get that half-decent one? Thirty one. Seriously, it is nigh-on-impossible to get a decent shot of you head with barrettes. In retrospect I wish I had kept some of the duds just for humour sakes. But still.

Last night I also stitched 2 knitting needle holders, took close to five hours, so will take photos in the next couple of days.


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catsmum said...

how soon does this egyptian block have to be done? I've got a piece of egyptian fabric you could have and I can wrap the hook in it for safer postage. Win win situation