Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Okay I can't actually think of a decent title for today's post. So I will lay out what has been on my mind in point form,

  • Really really really REALLY want to travel
  • No-one to travel with.
  • Not really inclined to travel overseas on what I guess will be the first of many travel experiences by myself (like Canada, I have been getting this intense desire to ski. Blame it on those student teachers, with their hilarious alcoholic fuelled SNOW adventures)
  • Perth is somewhere I have never been, and by all accounts, appears like a good place to go.
  • Perth tourism website found me a cheap, fun looking bike tour that included a visit to a winery that is cheap.
  • Youth hostel is also cheap
  • I figure if I save the way I am saving now, I will have money for cafes and fun there.
  • There also happen to be online people I know in Perth, with whom I might politely intrude on their time for an hour or so and meet... PEOPLE
Artsy crafty pursuits
  • Having a zillion and one ideas in head at the moment (for both Egypt block swap and pincushion swap and other embroidery things) That I'm seriously considering a visual diary. Just a small one, but something I can play with!
  • cheap t-shirts and lovely embroidery, FOR ME!! like Lochers but without the language (I would wear my version to school) of, and make use of that wonderful art-deco iron on transfer book
Thats about it really. I AM getting closer to my target for the car, my uni exam is next week so I am planning to do some major research after that, CTP insurance, what kind of car, loans! This adult stuff is about to bite hard. ouch.

Good night everyone, hope this rain keeps pouring down!!! (but now while I am at work, the urge to jump out and dance in the rain is strong... damn acting like adult-ness!)


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