Saturday, May 5, 2007

The girl is bad for me.

Ms. S. (the family member who shall remain nameless) has arrived for a few days! While it is wonderful to see lots and lots of this lovely lass, when the old family dynamics come back into play, you know you are in trouble.

Firstly, thanks to no sleep, Ms. S's behaviour turns from 'respectable, busy 21 yo' to 'cranky, the world owes me everything and everyone else are bad nasty liar poo poo heads people. 5 year old.' Not good.

This comes at a time when I am rushed off my arse, trying to nail this assignment, preferably get all the words down before Tuesday. Fortunately, I have grown up since Ms.S. left home and know better than to bite when she verbally jabs me with an unprovoked barb. But the feelings are the same. I know Ms.S. is prone to explosions, resents the fact that anyone else in the natural world could possibly be under pressure (unless its Mum, but then we've all seen mum go through a lot lately) and naturally explodes when she finds her cds here. Bad habits die hard and I can feel myself going through some of the motions I've been through countless times during my 'black period'. Typified by a shocking self esteem. Years later and my self esteem is good. I am indeed happy with myself, and bugger you if you feel (and have the compulsion to say) otherwise.

Damn Ms.S. Get some sleep, (A doctor once told me that sleep gets rid of your mental garbage, and ever since I am a huge advocate of getting a good night's sleep, for your sake and everyone else's sake). Don't explode, and for crying out loud, grow up, lose the superiority complex (I am certainly not your lesser) and go home.

We've all got deadlines to meet.


p.s sorry about the rant, tried not to go over the top, but it does feel good to have a winge with people who I consider my equals. Equality is a good thing, unless its that fake sugar. Yuk. :P

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