Sunday, May 6, 2007


Hey everyone just another procrastination station post. I'm nearly done (300 words till assignment completion w00t!)

As you all know by now, the assignment is digitisation and libraries and bla bla bla. However I came across this really funny study put out by Yahoo! and OMD (some marketing company in the U.S.) if you want to read it. Imagine, how would you go if you knew you had to live life without the internet for two weeks? I'd loathe it, I mean I do uni online, but what about email? Or paying bills?

Classic reading.

Oh and I've joined some yahoo groups (while I was in the vicinity) to start motivating myself to start properly learning embroidery, crazy quilting, and for the hell of it, making bags (I have a few bag ideas in my mind, I've just not translated them into fabric yet. No better time than the present!


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