Friday, May 25, 2007

Its raining...rain?

Seriously guys, this is breaking news, actual physical rain is pouring as I speak! Given that the coast happens to be in the worst drought on record, this is right up there with alien invasions. Yikes.

On crafting news I have pics that I should have posted throughout the week, but well.. you know what procrastination is like...

so first things first, a less than perfect overview of the stuff I have added to the CQ square. See everything on the left? Thats new. Also some outlining on the flamingo, but that's mainly split stitching practice (SUCH a useful stitch!)

see? more stitching practice

Now for a much clearer shot

closeup of latest stitching practice

This really is a sampler. See the stitches that kind of look like honeycomb? Called Cloud stitch... its a filler stitch and I really truly love it. Looks good, and I can see this popping up in future stitching. The stitch with the F.B. under it is fishbone stitch, and there are a few other stitches there too. The cause behind all this sampling? I just borrowed an amazing book from the library, with the very flash title 'crewel embroidery' I'm in love. All of the author's patterns involved hand dyed fabric, which look amazing, but I am definitely in love with the stitches. Including my failed attempt at 'tete de boeuf' which, if my ultra basic French is anything to go by, means said stitches are meant to look like cow heads (they do in the book, so freaking cute). I think this book will have to hit the list of 'books I want to buy when I am not saving for car' list. A list that grows daily. Alas.

anyway this is as exciting as I get... However this weekend I am starting on a pincushion for a pincushion swap, and start a CQ block for an Egyptian swap coming up down the track... I have ideas, but expect to see more cloud stitch.

anway adios for now...

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Ilix said...

Neat! How far are you going with it? Don't we all need a sampler? LOL